For those of you who couldn't attend, I'd like to recap the past trend lecture given during the Barcelona Design Week 2017 sharing 4 Lifestyle Trends A/W 2017/18. It's been wonderful to have the opportunity to lecture in …

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Barcelona Design Week 2017 – A Trend Lecture Review

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For those of you who couldn't attend, I'd like to recap the past trend lecture given during the Barcelona Design Week 2017 sharing 4 Lifestyle Trends A/W 2017/18. It's been wonderful to have the opportunity to lecture in my own home town being used to trave …

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Artistic Synapses: Unpredictability

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    “Unpredictability” seems to work well with the concepts of disorder, chaos and randomness. We use that word and concept many times in our lives (for instance, we have a state of Unpredictability in our lives when we live a hectic life and when we …

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It’s Trending: 10 Examples of The Terrazzo Style

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We already introduced the poetic mix and match of different marbles and other stones like quartz on a large-scale and here . Observed since beginning of this year, confirmed at the Salone del Mobile, today we would love to show you how Terrazzo made a successful entry i …

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Artistic Synapses – Flexibility

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    The May post from Artistic Synapses is about “flexibility”. And how does “flexibility” connect with the two previous posts, transparency and brightness? All of them are, somehow, mechanisms we use to survive in this world, as human or …

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Combining Art Nouveau and contemporary design

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One of the principles that trends are based on is, that things need to be approved by a large group of people. Once a trend has become mainstream, there is hardly anyone who can escape it - either you are influenced directly or on a subconscious level. We can spot simil …

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70s Motel Interior Style via Wallpaper

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A little while ago, Wallpaper went for a different proposal for their interiors spreads, taking into account the trending 70s vibe and set-up several rooms to realise the Wallpaper* motel. Inspired by a middle American concept, the team shopped around going for piece …

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The Scandinavian Home – Win the book!

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The Scandinavian Design is famous for its distinctive style and so is My Scandinavian Home, the renown interior design blog run by Niki Brantmark who was inspired by her move to Sweden from London over then years ago. Niki has recently launched her second book The S …

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Grace Apartment by Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet

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It’s a girl! When you go by the name ‚Grace‘ , but once you go through the door, you soon realize you have just met a glamorous elegant lady. The interior designers Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, have created ‚Apartment Grace‘ , located in Larvatto - betwe …

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Confronted with the adversary of human designed disasters and manmade political scandals paralyzing our our planet and countries, people’s only recourse becomes FAITH, an almost forgotten principle. To have FAITH in the spirit of survival, to have FAITH in creative forces able to rebuild society, an intrinsic need to believe in the human race, especially in moments of bewildering despair.

- Li Edelkoort-Bloom Issue23

Against a global backdrop of greater social and ecological consciousness, the quest for personal happiness and wellbeing is being writ large and larger still: turning ‘ME’ into ‘WE’, individuals are increasingly sensing the need for concerted efforts that collectively have a positive impact on their communities and their shared planet.

- M Astella Saw on Viewpoint



Do you love Mood Boards but have never thought about applying the right techniques in an efficient way to get your message across? And do you believe moodboarding is not just about doing a ‘pretty collage’? This 20-clip online course designed for any creative guides you through a 3-steps-program where you’ll learn how to structure a mood board that helps you to make a difference in today’s competitive working environment. VIEW ECOURSE→


¿Te encanta la técnica del moodboard pero no sabes muy bien cómo aplicar las técnicas adecuadas para comunicar con un mensaje visual poderoso? Si intuyes que podría ser algo más que un bonito collage, entonces este curso es para ti. Hemos producido 20 clips pensando en todo creativo que quiera aprender con un programa de 3 pasos cómo diferenciarse en la jungla laboral con un mensaje eficiente y una tabla bien estructurada. VER CURSO→

  • We are huge fans here of the very talented ladies duo behind the Italian design agency Studiopepe and do love the way they use color palettes. This monochromatic project was quite a surprise.
  • Pernille Egeskov interprets three iconic Danish design companies with this installation at 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen: Fritz Hansen, Dinesen and Georg JensenDamask.
  • "Through this project, I am interested in how we can utilise Tonglings industrially produced minerals and metals to create valuable craft artifacts which have deep meaning to the local people that once again celebrate Tonglingâ’s rich cultural heritage and preserve it for future generations. "
  • Like many inventions the story of Crystals started by chance: wanting to repair a favorite teapot Lukas Wegwerth started researches and was inspired by the Japanese method Kintsugi of applying gold dust in the glue to purposely reveal the fissures in a broken vessel.

How to create a tone-on-tone mood board? The Green Series

Posted By Gudy, June 23, 2017

This is for now the last and third edition I have produced to date of the tone-on-tone mood board series after covering The Blue and Violet Series. Taking into account how significant Green is as a color, philosophy/lifestyle and ever evolving t …

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Color Inspiration No.19: Lavender, Geranium, Verdi Gris, Forest, Jam

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The combination of Lavender, Geranium, Verdi Gris, Forest and Jam result in today's Color Inspiration No.19. Off Black Magazine | Beppe Brancato | Elinor Portnoy | Aisha Zeijpveld Whenever you want to work with lavender images, you will need to spend some tim …

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Color Inspiration No.18: Ocean, Lime, Mocha, Candy and Carrot

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Color Inspiration No.18 includes this time the shades of Ocean, Lime, Mocha, Candy and Carrot. This is one of my favorite color combos I have been creating to date. Not that I am a particular fan of all individual colors, but I love how they work all togeth …

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Color Inspiration No.17: Papaya, Lavender, Curcuma, Black & Porcelain

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Before I leave for the Salone del Mobile (we will write on a daily base and share with you our favorite picks of the day over here), here goes another color inspiration that has recently caught my attention. Color Inspiration No.17 covers Papaya, Lavender, Curcuma, Bla …

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