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3 Christmas Trends 2017 – The annual ebook

3 Christmas Trends 2017 | Eclectic Trends

This year again instead of highlighting craft or decorating ideas such as wreath, advent calendars or paper ornaments only, we have wrapped up all information in 3 Christmas Trends 2017.

What is totally different this year comparing to the 2016 trends, is the amazing similarity to interior design trends. They go hand in hand, and that’s why you will find at the end of each chapter a few images that you show the exact same trend mirrored in interior design.

Christmas decor ideas are surprisingly close to interior design trends in 2017. This comes as no surprise since many creative areas have been seemlessly blending during the last 12 month.
Gudy Herder



The report comes again in form of a downloadable ebook. I hope you enjoy the ideas and will come back this Friday as Mette from monsterscircus will be back with her annual Christmas DIY project which is as wonderful as usual.

3 Christmas Trends 2017 | Eclectic Trends

Apart from 28 images of trending ideas and inspirations, you’ll find several links to ongoing Christmas decor that is very much on spot this year and links to fab tutorials.

Please get your free ebook below and enjoy browsing:

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