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8 Christmas Decorating Trends 2014

I started last year writing about Christmas decorating trends and have to say, not too much has changed but rather evolved. Mini trees are still hot and it seems they go in paper containers now, pine branches are still trending and they are placed in (colorful) glass vases, black and white has become really graphical this year… But let’s start and see the first four decorating trends for this season:


8 Christmas Decorating Trends

This trend goes on from last year and concentrates basically on metal, wood and paper objects. Himmelies are a great diy option (pic #5) and diamonds (pic#7) are still trending too.

So graphic design plays a larger role now and sometimes it gets even pretty dramatic and minimal. I’d say that is the major change in 2014, it’s not about pretty, colorful and romantic decorating that much but making a statement with well-chosen pieces and a widely spread ‘less is more’.

5 Christmas Decorating Trends

House Doctor

5 Christmas Decorating Trends


5 Christmas Decorating Trends

Snug Studio

5 Christmas Decorating Trends


5 Christmas Decorating Trends


5 Christmas Decorating Trends

A beautiful mess




Decorating or styling – both options are great with cookies as ornaments. You could build up a tree with molds, cookies or just hanging cookie cutters on a wreath. For gift wrapping those are a handy options too, both Christmas cookies and cutters and they look great with kraftpaper this year. It’s a more artisan or organic way of decorating.

5 Christmas Decorating Trends

Dietlind Wolf


Foodie Crush

nicest things

Nicest Things

FGGD_Arquitectura - Navidad 2014 09



Stylist NicolineOlsen

Fräulein Klein



5 Christmas Decorating Trends

I wrote already last year about mini trees on decor8 but the novelty this season is, the must-go container is made out of paper. Forget about a clay pot if you want to be on-trend. Being it brown paper, the famous  Merci bag or a plain white one (see a tutorial with Mrs Hardy below), as long as it’s made out of paper, everything goes.

5 Christmas Decorating Trends

The Design Chaser

5 Christmas Decorating Trends


5 Christmas Decorating Trends

MrsHardy | Llamasvalley 

5 Christmas Decorating Trends


5 Christmas Decorating Trends




 5 Christmas Decorating Trends

This fun decorating reminds me a bit of the tilt shift effect and though I would certainly not decorate my home with repurposed festive toy cars, I think it’s a refreshing option to all the minimal and monochromatic trends we are seeing this year. I came up last season and now you can find them on Etsy or pimp yours with the corresponding tutorial.

5 Christmas Decorating Trends

 This heart of mine

johanna vintage

Vintage Junky

5 Christmas Decorating Trends

Maggies Klosets


Vintage Junky 


Saskia rund um die Uhr



5 Christmas Decorating Trends

This is so cool! Be it a giant cracker or piñata, it must be big fun! Apparently, the origin is not Spanish but rather Chinese. The Chinese version was in the shape of a cow or ox and used for the New Year. It was filled with five types of seeds and then hit with sticks of various colors. There is a long story of how the piñata moved then to Spain, Italy and Mexico, always with a different purpose and day of celebration. Nowadays, we definitely do not celebrate any party with piñatas over here, I guess you find them most commonly used in Mexico.

Prospekt goods3

Prospekt Goods

Prospekt goods2

Prospekt Goods

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-13 a la(s) 16.44.53

Martha Stewart


Hello Natural


Prospekt Goods

This has just been the first part, there are 4 more decorating trends coming up in my newsletter tomorrow, it’s a very complete guide this year (and probably the longest post I have written during the entire year). So if you are still looking for some extra inspiration, you can still subscribe today.

I just arrived in Hanover (Germany) where I will celebrate Christmas this year and the decorating season will be for me rather short but I’d love to hear how are you decorating this year. G, x

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