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A renovated former schoolhouse in Copenhagen

A few years ago this brick building and former schoolhouse of 1893 was for sale and the owners Jon and Sascha didn’t think too much about it. It seems the place is like being in an oasis in the city. “When you sit on the balcony overlooking the courtyard , away from the hustle and bustle of the street , it’s hard to believe that you are in the heart of the vibrant city of Copenhagen. We both work in an industry in which everyday life filled with incessant sounds, voices and colors , so finding a peaceful spot for us was so important.”

former school house living

former school house

former school house salon

former school house art

former school house kitchen

former school house balcony

former school house bedroom

former school house courtyard

The school however was too large. Facilities built for dozens of users did not match to the need of a house for two. Fortunately, soon they came up with the idea of combining family life with social , asking to participate a few friends who shared with them all the repairs and renovation and benefit at the same time. The building was split then into 16 separate apartments ; Sascha and Jon booked a 140- square meter apartment with a 24 -meter longitudinal balcony . “We call our house a luxury community. All of us here know each other for years , we share common interests and similar views on life . As a result , already exceeding the gate from the street starting to feel like home.”

A very inspiring story, isn’t it?

Photographer: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer Source: Dom & Wnetrze

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6 Responses

  1. Isn’t this what all towners would love to have: A community with like minded people.
    Great to find a house that gives that much space.

    The interior looks very nice: The glass wall is fantastic! And I love the rugs – I could wrap my entire house into the big blue one, I guess. They are beautiful!

    1. Yep, a great initiative that looks like to have paid off but first there has to be someone who thinks out of box.I’ve just been to Copenhagen and believe it is part of their culture too.

  2. The story of the house sounds like dream indeed – sharing a beautiful building with friends and having your own private space as well.
    Their space is great, I’ve seen one or the other image of it on instagram but never all of them together. That bear is hilarious!

    1. I was about not to publish the post because the bear is just so not me but at the end I would have a really hard time to find anything to share since there is never exactly your perfect space and it is fine as it is.Living with like minded people is a whole project, it must have been a hard time to pull everything together but oh so rewarding afterwards.

  3. Fantástico Gudy!
    Me encanta!

    Como han equilibrado las notas de color, el mobiliario, la estructura original,…, de aquellos sitios con duende!


  4. This is an inspiring story, and I really like the interiors and the design of the apartment. Thank you for sharing this.

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