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“Before consumers buy a product, they must be captivated by its story. 

Trends help make stories powerful, believable, and on-brand.”

I’m Gudy Herder, an international trend consultant, speaker, and certified trainer based in Barcelona, Spain.

I help brands and businesses anticipate trends and use them to develop products that inspire, tell a story, and ultimately, sell.

First and foremost, I’m a visual creative passionate about scouting trends trends  in interior design, lifestyle, luxury and fashion. With a sharp eye honed by years of hands-on experience in international retail management, I spot the trends as they emerge.


Trend development requires a keen esthetic sense and the ability to pick up on early signs before they grow into global movements. Working creatively to bring images, color, and materials together, these visual cues are developed into trends.

From a vast sea of information, abstract trends are transformed into seasonal trend reports and key visuals. Clients receive expert guidance at every step of the design and product development process, from concept to shop floor.

The result: powerful, story-driven collections that give brands a distinct advantage in today’s fast-changing retail landscape.

Through trend lectures, industry decision-makers benefit from sharing trend knowledge at international design events such as the IMM Cologne, BAU Munich, and Interior øg Boligmessa in Bergen, Norway or Barcelona Design Week.

“I believe that inspiration is everywhere,

but how you act upon it makes all the difference.”



At tactile moodboarding workshops, which I pioneered in 2014, clients learn how to use moodboards as an effective business tool to articulate trends, present ideas, and win support for projects.

Creatives from all over Europe and the US learn these skills through moodboarding masterclasses for creative professionals in Barcelona. Its online counterpart, available in English and Spanish has been sold in more than 60 countries to date.


The blog Eclectic Trends is a valuable resource for up-to-date information on the latest lifestyle and interior design trends used as a research tool by companies and creative professionals.

You can get weekly trend posts straight to your inbox. It’s all about quirky inspiration, must-read analysis and trend-converted mood boards! Simply subscribe HERE.


Disconnecting from a screen and working with my hands, for the pure pleasure of creating something out of nothing, keeps me energized and happy. When not immersed in trend work, I find inspiration living in Barcelona, a city that seduced me with light and sea many years ago. Being close to the water gives me the right dose of balance, as does experimenting with clay and porcelain at my ceramics atelier.

What I do


TRENDS – in a nutshell:

  1. Trend Consulting on Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter in Interior Design & Lifestyle

  2. Trend Lectures on trade shows, design events and in-house

  3. Commissioned Trend Panels for trade shows, catalogs, ads, videos

Make sense of the vast sea of trend information and transform it into actionable insights for your brand. Receive seasonal trend reports customized to your business objectives. Visualize trends with a tactile mood board—a tangible business tool to structure information, present ideas, and win support for your projects.

Through in-house workshops and follow-up visits, we’ll work together to turn trends into a solid foundation for your products. You’ll receive expert guidance in creating a collection that brings together global trends with the unique needs of your customer.

To implement trends successfully, it’s crucial to implement a trend culture, where the entire organization understands the trends and how they work.

Trend videos, brochures and catalogs help deliver trend information to distribution and retail departments, right down to the sales floor.

Best for: product development directors, designers, purchasing and marketing departments

Kind words:

“Gudy is thorough and professional, and always captures her audience and engages with them. She is always up to speed on trends and knows how to convey them correctly to whatever audience she is speaking to.”

Helle Tjaberg, Deputy Editor, Maison Magazine (Norway)

“Gudy helped make our Best of Interior Blogs Award event a success for a distinguished group of interior influencers. She made us hang on her every word. The time was much too short for the depth of the zeitgeist she was laying out. We all would have been happy to hear much more.”

Dr. Marcella Prior-Callwey, Founder, Callwey Editorial


THE MOOD BOARD UNIVERSE – in a nutshell:

  1. Workshops such as the one-day masterclass on How to create and use a mood board as a communication & sales tool in Barcelona and elsewhere.

  2. Commissioned mood boards for catalogs, ads, videos.

Mood boards are a powerful and versatile business tool. I use tactile moodboards to visualize trends, gain clarity, and make abstract concepts easy to understand.

I’ll teach you how to do the same in a one-day, in-house moodboarding workshop, with hands-on exercises, interactive sessions and lively discussions to ensure every participant is engaged from start to finish.

Moodboarding workshops can help your organization address specific issues. I’ll show you how to use moodboards to communicate between departments, present proposals and gain approval from superiors, or turn a trend into a solid foundation for a whole new collection.

Design schools also benefit from moodboarding as an effective learning method.

Mood boards can be commissioned too for ad campaigns, trade shows, videos, etc.

Best for: Companies, creative professionals, design schools, marketing, sales, and design departments

Kind words:

“This has been the best workshop I’ve had in 10 years, ever since I started working at a creative department in Ikea Spain.”

Verónica González, Head of Visual Merchandising, Ikea Spain

“Gudy is that rare mix of highly commercially aware AND immensely creatively gifted. As a business owner who wanted to re-design my website and bring more of my personality into my business visuals, she was exactly the kind of professional I needed to help me facilitate that translation perfectly.

If you get the chance to work with her in any capacity – her online course, her workshops or 1:1 grab the chance with both hands – The results will positively benefit both your bottom line and your creative kudos as a business owner!”

Rikke Hansen, Career Change Expert, Career on your terms


Who I work with

IKEA, Montblanc, European Institute of Design (IED), Grohe, Samsung, Kibuc, NCS, IMM Cologne, BOEN, Farrow&Ball, Finsa, Grupo Pikolinos, Cosentino, Barcelona Design Week, Callwey, Bisetti, Decotec, and hundreds of utterly inspiring creative professionals from all over the world who fly in to attend the masterclass several times per year.

Let’s work together to transform your brand and business with the power of trends. 

Feel free to start a conversation today.

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