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Barcelona Style: Meet The Blogger Barcelona Brunch

Here comes my post about this cool event we had in Barcelona a few days ago hosted at the Jaime Beriestain Concept Store with Meet The Blogger. It’s been nice to have a mix of local and European bloggers seeing familiar faces again and meet new bloggers. We kicked off the morning with a Trend Talk in the showroom where I introduced four trends for AW 2016/17. These were the exact same trends I presented in London a few weeks ago. You can look up the first one here, and I will publish the second on Wednesday, both were the most liked during the event.

Jaime Beriestain Concept Store entrance

Thea Neubauer Photography


This is a photo I took earlier this year but it gives you an idea of  how the shop looks like. The concept store of interior designer Jaime Beriestain encompasses three areas: the café and restaurant, showroom and shop.

I had decided already earlier this year at The Hive when speaking I would not photograph (with a few exceptions during the moodboarding session) but post those images who fellow bloggers were taking with their kind permission, being able to fully concentrate on my presentation. Igor and Thea did a wonderful job here! Thank you so much, friends!

MTB coffe moment

Igor Josif Photography

Ilaria, Elena, Nuria, Bayron, Esther, IgorGeraldine and Rocio before we were kicking off- so happy to see familiar faces!

Meet The Blogger Brunch

Thea Neubauer Photography

Trend presentation Gudy Herder

Igor Josif Photography

That is one of the mood boards I presented in London with the topic SCANNED! whereas the keynote I gave in Barcelona was projected on a screen and much more detailed with an exact description of keywords, material, colors, a beautiful imagery and quite some text. The light was pretty dark in there but you can get here an impression of how it looked like.

Gudy's moodboards

Thea Neubauer Photography

That was a fun moment with Igor discussing his favorite trend WONDERLAND in detail again. Actually there was a general agreement of the audience on this mood, it seemed to be the winner that morning.

MTB Igor Josif

Thea Neubauer Photography

After the trend conference, we worked all together on a giant mood board. I had previously asked all participants to bring with them a few images of what currently inspires them or they’d believe is going to be a trend.

Mood board Barcelona Blogger Brunch

Igor Josif Photography

Thea put some green textures on the wall – just perfect! It stood out immediately! That’s why I always explain in my workshops to combine images with textures, it makes such a difference!

Moodb baord Barcelona Blogger Brunch

I have loved the experience. Imagine 25 people with different backgrounds and interests from different countries bringing al together their ideas on a white brick wall… As a result we had the green trend popping up, handmade and artisan images, black and white, moody pics and some eclectic style too. We seemed to be quite on trend!

Mood board Barcelona Blogger Brunch

Brunch was delicious, and time was flying by after handing out a nice goodie bag with product from Jaime Beriestain, VTWonen, VeoVeoMagazine and Kukshome (thank you all!) it was already time to say good-bye.

Group pic

Thea Neubauer Photography

I hope everybody had such a good time as I had and we will do another get together soon! It was an amazing group of fellow bloggers and wonderful friends! Thank so much to everybody for coming and Meet The Blogger for making it possible! xx

Please see more posts of this day from Igor and Ilaria in English, Jeanne in French and Sònia in Spanish.

If you missed this event but would like to join me for another very creative venue in London, please learn more about my upcoming workshop in London here.

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10 Responses

    1. Well, I just said to Ilaria, let’s think about a different formula for 2015 and an enjoyable get together yet with some learnings. Shall we discuss it? xx

  1. I quite agree with Igor. Let’s plan it elsewhere, at any time. Great excuse to meet again and to learn again and again.
    A week has gone by since we came back but just looking at all these pictures brings me back there with all of you. It was an amazing time and I hope it won’t just be “one shot”. Have a lovely Monday Gudy! xx

    1. Yes, let’s think about 2015 and do something creative together where we still learn and share experiences! Will think about it. Sending sunshine over!xx

  2. It was a really great experience, especially for me as an “outsider” (i.e. non-interior blogger). Gudy you have a talent to explain these trends and convey their essence like no other. Thank you!

    1. Esther, that is so nice to hear. I never thought about the event meant to be for interior bloggers but I guess it’s true those are the ones I have more contact with. So, if you say it has been never the less a good experience, that makes me happy! Thank you for the lovely words. It’s been good too seeing Noa again:-) xx

    1. Anya, you are exactly the kind of person I would have loved spending some time with too! Let’s go for ‘a next’ then :-) xx

  3. I bet you had a fantastic time there together, and the mood boards look really nice and interesting. Too bad I couldn’t be there with you, but maybe in 2015…? I hope!

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