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BlogTourLA: Visiting Natural Curiosities

Natural Curiosities was another great visit Veronika organized  for the Modenus BlogTourLA. Located in a breathtaking former recreation house space, this art house has been most inspiring.

Natural Curiosities view 1st floor

Christopher Wilcox and his team of artists and designers are creating all art work in these studios in Los Angeles.

Natural Curiosities seaweed

Natural curiosities table

We have been lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes during the creative process (and believe me, there is nothing more I love than a glimpse of a good making of).

Natural curiosities water colors

Natural Curiosities stairs

Natural Curiosities paintings

From entomological and botanical to oceanic and geological, they collect the most beautiful and even intriguing specimens, prepared with natural treatments for longevity, and curate them into display frames.

Natural Curiosities moodboards

The butterflies you see here are coming from butterfly farms where they are collected once ended their natural life cycle.

Natural Curiosities

Christopher Wilcox pointed out some interesting thoughts during our visit like he believes breaking the rules is essential for any creative process. I wish I’d apply that more often :-) …

How about some extra inspiration?

17 Responses

    1. I know! The whole place was stunning!Perfect height, perfect light, loads of ateliers and creative people in there…xx

    1. iI’s all about finding abandoned spaces in the outskirts which will get en vogue with the time and be brave enough to be the pioneer in the area. I believe those places still exist.

  1. Love this place Gudy – I’d LOVE working( or even living there) – and I’m glad to hear the butterflies had died before they got pinned ;-) Happy day sweetest friend,

  2. You lucky lady, Gudy! This is THE one place that I would give anything to visit. Love the space, love their work. Fabulous!

  3. Oh I bet you loved it, seeing them work. I’ve always loved butterfly displays, albeit ones that have died naturally like these (very important to point out!). Mel x

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