Total look in green blue marble at Céline Miami

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Swiss design practice Valerio Oligiati has been responsible for Céline's flagship store in Miami and its total look in green blue marble. The concept is divided in two storeys, with a second floor displaying shoes and ready-to-wear items and street level serving as an exhibition space true to the retail trend of non-standard corporate designs and experimentation and changing retail …

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The Forte Forte store embodies the feminine spirit of the brand

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The Forte Forte flagship store in Milan has been designed to embodies the feminine, timeless and delicate world that defines the unique spirit of the Italian prêt-à-porter brand. The store, recently opened in Milan in the famous Brera district, is a joint project of Art Director Robert Vattilana and Giada Forte, co-founder of Forte Forte and represents a spatial and emotional translation …

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The soft atmosphere of Faye Toogood’s renovation project

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This is why we’d like to share Faye Toogood’s renovation project: 1// In a nutshell: Faye Toogood’s work is a continuous source of inspiration since she left The World of Interiors magazine in 2007 and opened her London-based studio where she has been working on design, interiors and sculptures. Her approach is honest, deeply rooted in the process of craftsmanship and based …

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144 Entryways of Milan

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I still remember thinking the first years when visiting Milan, that this was the least attractive of all Italian cities I knew. Five years back I just added a couple of extra days to a business stay and fell in love with the city. Today this is one of my favourite places to visit in Europe and I have always …

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Opulent meets minimal: The pool house

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This is why we’d like to share the sophisticated pool house designed by Belgian interior architect Arjaan De Feyter: 1// In a nutshell: What captured most our interest is the seamless blend of opulent red marble stone and a contrasting minimal interior design concept at the same time. The sophisticated pool house S-W is a collaboration between Belgian interior architect Arjaan De …

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Modernism-inspired digital art by Alexis Christodoulvou

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This is why we’d like to share the Modernism-inspired digital scenes by Alexis Christodoulvou: 1// In a nutshell: The modernism-inspired scenes created by self-taught Alexis Christodoulou represents a creative outlet for the South African digital artist during an intense period of his life. Copywriter at an agency and wine maker at his family winery, Christodoulou got intrigued of a friend’s work with Sketch-up. …

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