70s Motel Interior Style via Wallpaper

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A little while ago, Wallpaper went for a different proposal for their interiors spreads, taking into account the trending 70s vibe and set-up several rooms to realise the Wallpaper* motel. Inspired by a middle American concept, the team shopped around going for pieces that would convincingly convey the mood of a stylish mid-century motel. The color palette reminds me very much of …

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The Scandinavian Home – Win the book!

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The Scandinavian Design is famous for its distinctive style and so is My Scandinavian Home, the renown interior design blog run by Niki Brantmark who was inspired by her move to Sweden from London over then years ago. Niki has recently launched her second book The Scandinavian Home and since I was fortunate enough to meet her in real life a year …

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Grace Apartment by Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet

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It’s a girl! When you go by the name ‚Grace‘ , but once you go through the door, you soon realize you have just met a glamorous elegant lady. The interior designers Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, have created ‚Apartment Grace‘ , located in Larvatto - between the French municipality and Monte-Carlo. It shows its various panoramas of the french …

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Dimore Studio at the Milan Design Week 2017

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We are about to launch our complete Milan Trend Report 2017 (17.05.2017) and would like to share with you today still an article on what you can expect to find in this very complete edit. Experiencing Dimore Studio at the Milan Design Week 2017 was like entering a hidden chamber. It felt like a well kept secret and an intimate encounter: welcomed by …

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How Minerals illuminate interiors: The Margot Molyneux Shop

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Natural stones give endless possibilities to illuminate interiors with essential colors! Looking back to one of our last posts on the personal research of Lost Marbles, we can see, that minerals have been used for centuries in interiors and exteriors. Additionally, there are apparently unlimited varieties of natural stones and this is why we would love to introduce this gorgeous store …

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4 Top Installations of the Milan Design Week 2017

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I have been sharing with you for the past years my favorite installations, being always a highlight of the Milan Design Week. This year we have published already a couple of videos and would like to publish a new sum-up of the 4 Top Installations of the Milan Design Week 2017. These are 4 installations and areas you should not miss when …

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