A Spanish colonial house in LA

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Los Angeles designers David John Dick and Krista Schrock from DISC Interiors collaborate with their friend and furniture designer Glen Lawson, owner of the homeware concept shop Lawson Fenning. He had been living already for a while the house when asking his friends to help him with the second phase after having painted the house. That is probably the room I like best. …

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Great news on my first book contribution!

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I have moved my blog to a new server and have lost the last post (and all comments too, such a pity!). So, here it goes again: The Internet had been killing me the past 7 days here in Brazil and I am so happy to be properly connected again since I'd love to show you now what my secret book contribution …

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Barcelona Style: Art barter at Cadàver Exquisit

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I have attended last Saturday an exhibition at Cadàver Exquisit  featuring a very fresh concept by looking for a different channel of dialogue between the viewer and artist. 10 artists are showing art pieces, always affordable works, and they offer a barter as currency. The visitor writes on a post-it what s/he would give in return, sticks it next to the art …

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A villa in Athens

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When you are the owner/creative director of the concept store TR2 (and here goes another example),  your private space might pretty much look like this 19th century villa located in Kifisia, a northern suburb of Athens, Greece. The tile flooring has such a strong character and leading role in the interior design, furniture pieces look like an add on here. More …

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Peonies for 2 flower girls: #5

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Inga and Elodie are the 2 flower girls. They buy and arrange individually seasonal flowers (every edition a different flower) and ask their readers to participate sending their photos. This is already the 5th edition and you can see all their pictures at their Pinterest board. I am a bit behind the release of this month series and furthermore my peonies …

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Reed Krakoff’s arty office in New York

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What a fantastic weekend. First day at the beach this year and I am still so happy with all the lovely reactions to our new column Earthly Delights of last Thursday! It makes you feel happy and at a time, you know the next edition has to be really good again. Even better, if possible. We have an exciting theme …

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