Søren Rose Studio | A very stylish working environment

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Founder and creative director Søren Rose had a long life dream: running his own interior design studio. In 2008 he decided not to be involved with the daily operations of other companies he worked for anymore, and to fully dedicate starting his own design agency. 5 years later now, he has a branch in Copenhagen and New York.Who would not love …

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Smart and cool families: The Socialite Family

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The The Socialite Family is making its round in blogland! Founded by French journalist and former art buyer Constance Gennari, the blog focusses on smart and cool families. She has worked with one of my favourite magazines called Milk. The "Tribu" series where families are featured is already worth getting your hands on it. The latest issue (in French) is fantastic again. What …

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How to style and photograph apartments for sale in Stockholm

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These are some images from different apartments of real estate broker Fantastic Frank on sale in Sweden. I don't understand Swedish (nor any of the translator tools I could find) but I believe Emma has putting those apartments together for their blog. For those who don't know Fantastic Frank, check out their site. Your first impression will probably be of …

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Salone del Mobile 2013: when art and design merge | Desinere

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Tortona Design Week is an international network of outside-the-box events and initiative in Milan, in the via Savona/Tortona area called as well the off-salone. There are other districts too where you can observe young designers exhibiting many times still their prototypes waiting for the big deal to come during the Salone.Other brands are already more established and Desinere, yet very …

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Salone del Mobile 2013: Georg Jensen

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Meanwhile I am trying to organize hundreds of images, I'd like to share with you one of the installations I liked most at the Salone in Milan. It's been a good show so far. Milan is celebrating as its best with events, cocktails, exhibits, conferences and launches all over the city. I love the atmosphere on the streets and the …

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Lorenzo Castillo’s new restaurant Hispania in London

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Hispania is not another stereotypical Spanish restaurant, complete with paintings of bulls and flamenco dancers. It is the largest space in Europe with 950 sqm dedicated to the Spanish world of cooking in the financial district of London. You will discover an elegant space with high ceilings and a thoughtful decor, worthy of a feature in the best home and …

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