I am off to The Hive Conference

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I am off to Berlin to The Hive Conference and looking forward to meet friends and fellow bloggers again and attend a Dietlind Wolf styling workshop! We will have two days of networking, inspiration, sharing and lots of learnings with more than 20 speakers. Just great. Will be back to blogging next week. Have a wonderful weekend! xx PS: Had a wonderful chat …

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A colourful restored barn

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This Dutch barn from the XIX century has been bought by interior designer Larissa van Seumeren and her partner, Peter Kool a couple of years ago. Renovation has been kind of challenging but very rewarding too. Today they live in a modern home maintaining a strong link to the original spirit of the place. The rooms are filled with contemporary, eclectic …

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What do bloggers collect? An Instagram shout out

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This post comes out of a simple question I asked on Instagram when uploading a picture about two mugs. The question was: What do you collect? Since there were such nice comments popping in (at the end social media is all about interacting, isn't it?), I thought about publishing a common post with several bloggers who wanted to take part …

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Living on a houseboat | Valérie Mazerat

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I have learned how stylish a houseboat can be when reading Pia's book "My heart wanders". She used to live on a houseboat in Amsterdam. And I have a friend who spend some years on a tiny boat here at Barcelona's port, and I always recall when she said you even have to think about buying a book since there …

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The log cabin: a scandi-style home in Melbourne

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Lucy from The Design Files has been after this Melbourne based home for more than one year since nice homes end up first in Interior Magazines but she finally managed to do a fantastic production. Lucy que está detrás de The Design Files ha conseguido al final poder publicar esta casa de Melbourne cuando llevaba un año intentándolo, porque cuando las casas son bonitas …

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Oh my, I have just realized yesterday I have  10.000 clicks on my YouTube channel. And that deserves a big THANK YOU! It' s been a crazy year testing and experimenting, but we firmly believe that videos are the new medium to go with. I am still nervous every time I get in front of a camera, sometimes it takes several …

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