6 examples of trending Tone-On-Tone styling by Junichi Ito, part III

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This special gift edition for Vogue Japan was shot by Junichi Ito who is a photographer was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to New York City in 2005 where he currently lives. These 6 examples of trending Tone-On-Tone styling add to the previous articles where we already featured this fascinating way of color styling and photography. It was …

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Lost Marbles by Martina Maffini

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We are back from the Salone del Mobile working through the hundreds of images and still analyzing what we spotted during last week. I will explain you soon the kind of report we are working on, since this year the focus will be different to the 2016 review. Meanwhile, we'd like to introduce you today to Lost Marbles, a rather poetic …

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The Modern Geology Project – Prop styling by Clare Piper

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Lately we have seen several projects of resin, glass and soap sculptures that could be classified under the term of The Modern Geology Project. In fact, these images often are included in trend forecasts and Clare Piper's prop shooting is no exception. She is an interiors, still life and prop stylist living and working in London. SergieW Photography Geology has been a fascinating …

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10 examples of the NEO CAMOUFLAGE style

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Camouflage seems to be a successful practice for exteriors, like we have shown you in this article before.  The philosophy there linked to a more protective mechanism, in order to become one with nature and to hide from potential enemies. What we will show you today, presents a slightly different strategy, and probably more artistic one than the one of the …

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Hashtag aesthetic photography by Paloma Rincón

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Paloma Rincón is a Madrid based, Mexican born, photographer working worldwide, from experimental and personal projects to commercial assignments for big companies with a knack for still life photography. She creates visual games in the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design, instalation or illustration. For AD Spain she teamed up with stylist Pete Bermejo to illustrate a story of different floorings. We couldn't say …

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A colorful signature style with Carolina Mizrahi

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Carolina Mizrahi was born in Rio de Janeiro and now lives and works as an art director, photographer and set designer in London. She is known for her versatile colorful signature style and is convinced that color is a powerful communication tool, especially when combined with other meaningful visual objects. We also, are convinced that colors are a powerful tool and …

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