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Colors of the Year 2017 by Haymes Paint

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

There are some very interesting color companies publishing their own color forecasts for the year to come. It is not spring yet and just in time we would love to present you the Colors of the Year 2017 by Haymes Paint, an Australian company we already have featured over here. Check the share numbers of this post, it looks like it was really popular and we are glad you loved it.

This color forecast is already numbered ‚Volume No 8’ and is subdivided into three main parts – STARK BEAUTY STRATA and PITCH DARK – each of them displaying a collection of nine colors.

Artist and color expert at Haymes Paint, Wendy Rennie, talks about the three color palettes that Haymes Paint sees as influencing the market globally, and of course in Australia particularly. We see similarities to other color companies ( Link to: ) and trend reports, but lets start with an overview so you can get an impression yourself.



The palette of STARK BEAUTY is set together of fresh and clear colors, with a lot of greenery and is meant to bring in a minimal, almost Japanese aesthetics to interiors.

This palette encourages spaces that blur the lines between both inside and outside, where there is no need for divides but an overall aesthetic that unifies spaces and creates both harmony and positivity within interiors and exteriors.



Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

This tone, though not that bright, reminds us of Pantone’s Greenery and seems to be in-line with all us nature lover out there. Who can get enough of green having such a strong symbolism related to health, nature and vitality.


The second palette, STRATA can be literally translated into interiors, as it picks up hues that can be found in geological layers – from the terra-cotta colored soil up to the green hues of the wilderness.

It is described as a humble palette, encouraging us to create interiors that feel both natural and secure.

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

There are different sign that orange is coming back big time, this might be a first approach moving slowly towards a brighter tone. We are not the biggest ‘orange’ fans here at Eclectic Trends but you can’t stop color trends so let’s see what is going to happen in the different creative disciplines. Remember how strong orange was around 10 years ago?


The third and final palette, PITCH DARK, might be the most complex as it challenges the senses by mixing strong blacks and deep charcoals with rich reds. Translated into interiors they are ‚offering a sense of grounding, security and balance.‘

Do you see similarities with the other forecasts of this year and even more important, what is the most interesting palette for your interiors or brand?

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Haymes-Colors of the Year 2017

Photography by Martina Gemmola |  Styling by Ruth Welsby 

I already mentioned earlier that I attended a NCS color forecast at the IMM. It showed clearly in its last color comparisons that our palette is getting darker since 2015, with the third year in a row, and with no visible change for 2018. If you have a look at the thumbnails below, you might recognize that all major color institutes do relate to this fact.


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