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DIY Metallic Desk Organizers

Happy Friday, so it’s me Mette from monsterscircus again and let’s celebrate the weekend by making a pretty organizer for the workspace.

This idea isn’t new but I wanted to do this project with copper and gold look – like many of you, I’ve been in love with the warm metals for a few seasons. Now it’s gaining more and more momentum, so why not make some organizing with these rich hues?


Metallic spray paint

Double adhesive tape

Cover of an old spiral bound book

About 8-10 horizontal envelopes


Step 1

Spray paint both sides of the book cover and set to dry.

Step 2

Fold the top down inside on each envelope inside.

Step 3

Apply adhesive to the middle of each envelope.

Step 4

Adhere to the rest of the envelopes and adhering the envelopes to the inside of the book.

Step 5

While the book is open, spray paint with the metallic paint.


That’s it. Use it as a paper keepsake for your favorite magazine pages or for your recipe collection – and as you can see the bold gold really looks nice along with pastel shades.


So what do you think? Would you be brave and bold and go for the gold?

Thank you Gudy so much for having me, and a big thanks to you dear readers for joining Gudy and me today.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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How about some extra inspiration?

11 Responses

    1. Hi Carole Poirot
      Thanks so much! Your sweet comment made my day. Yes it’s always a delight to get all those scraps and bits of inspiration organized. Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Anastasia.
      Aww you’re such a darling, thanks for always so cheery and sweet!
      Ooh and can’t wait to see your contribution and styling to the Urban Jungle challenge.

    1. Hi Mie.
      Thank you so much and so glad to hear that you’re going to make one yourself. (ha ha ja,det fantastisk dots kan man ALDRIG få nok af). I would love to see your result so you can always send me a photo:-) Happy crafting!

  1. Another beauty Mette! I think I’d use it to keep all of those tax receipts – although I have to say that it’s too pretty for horrible tax related things! Mel xx

    1. Hi Mel.
      Thank you SO – Ha ha that’s a good one Mel and I do agree, that I won’t have my tax receipts lying on the desk, more likely they will be tucked away:-) Hope you’re having a great time!

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