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Hi dearest Eclectic Trends readers, it’s Mette from monsterscircus – it’s such a joy to be back, and I hope you’re doing fine and ready to kick-start the weekend with a new project.

Today I’m going to share how you can cut copper tubes the easiest way and how to make this multi copper display – use it as a candle holder or grab some flowers. So I hope you’ve got time to set aside a little moment to try out this project. Let’s get started.


Copper tube, I’ve used 1 meter


Pipe cutter, you can find this on amazon or at your local hardware store

Test tubes or candles


Step 1.

First, you need to adjust the gap of the pipe cutter to fit the size of the copper tube, use the knob to adjust.


Step 2.

Place the tube cutter on the pipe and tighten the control knob.


Step 3.

Hold on to the pipe firmly, now rotate the cutter round the pipe. The cutting wheel revolves a clean cut on the copper tube.


Step 4.

Now tighten the control knob, be careful not to over-tighten which will make the tube collapse.

Step 5.

Repeat 2-4. Each rotation will cut deeper into the tube.


Step 6.

Voilà, now you’ve cut the tube into two pieces. Cut different lengths of pipe.


Step 7.

When you’ve planned the look of your design, add dabs of glue on the tube and attach them onto each other.


Step 8.

Set to dry.


Now you’re done with your copper piece and if you want you can place test tubes in the pipes, add water and a flower of your desire.


A short stem will make the illusion of floating flowers.


This is an ideal way to make a unique creation, which will fit any occasion that involves the beauty of flowers.


From above it’s quite spectacular too so it’s a showpiece that’ll rival the beauty of most flowers – and if you’re fond of the minimalistic style, there’s no need for styling the copper pipes just add a candle or too.


With this visual anchor, it’s not too easy to keep focus on the flowers, but hey, why not jazz up your home the budget friendly way with fresh leaves and enjoy another piece made of the on-trending copper.

So, what do you say? Do you like this little copper installation? Oh and don’t forget to share your idea or if you’ve made any tube projects, we just can’t get enough inspiration and ideas. Thank you very much for reading and have an amazing weekend!


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10 Responses

  1. LOVE this!!! Gorgeous plus versatile! I can only imagine how much it would cost to buy something similar. I really like all of your copper pieces, Mette. Thanks for featuring her, Gudy!

    1. Hi Dani H.
      Awww thank you very much! So wonderful to hear that you like the piece – yes you’re absolutely right Dani, it’s not only fun but also very budget-friendly to make it yourself:-) Thank you very much for taking your time for a comment, hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Hi Aga.
      Thank you so much Aga, it’s really such an honour to contribute to Gudy’s amazing blog and her lovely readers! Looking forward to see what you’re up to, I’ve already spotted some quite enchanting projects.
      Have a happy day:-)

  2. Absolutely impressive; looks wonderful!! I have a few questions:

    -Suggested type of copper tube to purchase (to accommodate both candle and test tube) :

    3/4″ Type M (light wall) Hard Temper (or @1/2″)

    1/2″ Type L (medium wall) Hard Temper (or @1/2″)

    -Suggested type of test tubes to fit in copper tube to purchase:
    glass? or..?
    height: 6″, or..?
    volume: 15×150 mm? Or 16 x 100mm? Or 16 x 150mm? Or..?

    I look forward to your reply so I can move forward with this great project! Thanks!

    1. Hi Pearla
      Oh that’s really so lovely to hear! I tell you it’s a fun project, so I know you’re going to love it – Thank you for your kind words – here’s my reply.
      I’ve used plain copper pipes, 22 mm (7/8″) with 1 mm wall thickness from the local hardware store.
      Yes, I’ve used glass test tubes 16×150, it depends on the lengths of the pipes that you decide to cut.
      I hope this helps, if not just leave your questions here and I’ll be checking in:-)
      Happy crafting Pearla, and thanks for giving this project a shot!

      1. Hi Mette what is the specific name of the hardware store? I already looked at bauhaus they don’t have the copper pipes 22mm. Thanks in advance your creation is fantastic!!!!

        1. Hi May.
          Thank you so much for your kind words! In Denmark you can get it in hardware stores like: XL BYG, BILTEMA or your local VVS’er. Happy crafting May I hope you’ll enjoy your result:-)
          Have a happy day!

  3. Oh Mette, just fabulous! I absolutely love how you gave that flower the floating look. Always amaze me you do! Mel xx

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