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DIY project: Wire lamp shade

Hi there Electric Trends readers!

My name is Mette Jakobsen a Danish avid crafter from Denmark. I blog about how you can do modern and easy DIY’s for both yourself and your home on my blog monsterscircus.
I’m so thrilled to show you how to make a trendy and modern hanging lamp shade with only one material here on Electric Trends today.
I am so excited to be doing a guest post on Electric Trends today. I have been reading Gudy’s blog for a while now, and can openly admit that I am obsessed with it. It’s such an inspirational place and I love Gudy’s approach to trends and new vibes.
One of the tendency next year will be these fine and thin lines and I hope you like the airy and light look of this shade.
So let’s get started.


You’ll need the following:

A socket, cord and switch – pliers – bonsai wire – funnel.

Bonzai_shades_monsterscircusDIY wire lamp shade

Start from the top of your funnel and tightly wrap til wire around the funnel.

Work your way around until you’ve made a spiral, you could do almost any size.

Cut the wire with your pliers and “thread” your switch and wire through the spiral.

And you’re done.

Note: As you can tell from the name, the bonsai wire is used for wiring bonsai trees, but can also be used for jewelry like bracelets and pendants.


Now you’ve designed and made your own lamp shade. The form is very simple and shapes a light silhouette.


You can buy the bonsai wire in many different colors and as you can see on the next photo, I did another version where I’ve spray painted the wire so it got the ombre effect. So if you’ve got a favourite color at home, it’s easy to create a color flow just by painting the wire in the same color you have throughout your home.

shade_DIY_monsterscircus-768x1024 (1)


I hope you enjoyed this easy project which can be done within 15 minutes, who doesn’t love decorate and change style with an inexpensive and quick project? You can easily change the appearance of the lamp shades depending which size and width you choose. Or maybe you want to personalize your lamp shade with long fabric strips and make it look more casual.

You can even chose to make a bulk lamp and because of the simple look it’ll still look quite minimalistic.

Good luck with the lamp shade and I hope you’ll be able to come up with some beautiful and outstanding wire designs for your home!

Big thanks to you Gudy, for letting me do this guest post, I had a lot of fun creating the lamp shades.

Have a happy day


How about some extra inspiration?

17 Responses

    1. Hi Deepa
      Thank you so much! You’re right it would look so delicious made of copper wire and we just love copper, don’t we:-)
      Thank you for your kind comment and have a lovely weekend.

  1. I really like the idea on how we can shape our own lamp shade. The orange’s is such a beauty and I love how you can match them with the table cloth and cups :)

    1. Hi Onel
      Yes it’s very exciting to work with this wire and almost all kinds of shapes are possible. Thank you so much Onel, yes I’m also very fond of that color, the plate on the wall inspired me.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, thank you for commenting:-)

  2. Love it, Mette! I know that you’re the queen of diy, but you impressed me once more. What a great start of your collaboration. The photography is stunning, too, I love the image of the ombre lampshade with those cups!

    1. Hi Lena.
      Awww you’re so kind Lena – I was over the moon when Gudy asked me so it was pretty easy to come up with a fun project. Since Gudy love ceramic and porcelain I thought they were a perfect match for the photos:-)
      Thank you for comment and have great weekend.

  3. Good luck Mette! What a great idea! Looking forward to see more of your work here on Gudy’s blog. I love the orange most I have to admit.

    best wishes, Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Thank you very much! I’m really glad you like it – I mentioned it the other day, but I really enjoyed you and Gudy’s way to start off your amazing EARTHLY DELIGHTS, it’s a visual and epic cliffhanger, looking forward to your next post.
      Thank you for your kind comment Sandy and have a beautiful weekend:-)

    1. Hi Cyndi
      So lovely to see you again Cyndi – You’ll love it and it takes so little effort so there’ll be lots of time to enjoy the summer:-) Thank you so much and have a fantastic weekend.

  4. Hi Mette, Great to see you here! This is such a great idea and does look very simple to make. I’m going to send this to my sister who is setting up house and always looking for inexpensive ways to add some coolness to her home. Mel x

    1. Hi Mel,
      Oh that sounds just terrific! Yes it’s both very easy and inexpensive, so it’s real win win situation :-) hope your sister will enjoy the project. Thank you so much for commenting Mel and your kind word. Going to have a look on you lamp post, have a lovely day!

  5. I’m sure I hadn’t discovered either of you yet, Gudy and Mette, when this was posted. Even though it’s been a while since you did this, it’s still quite appealing to me. I need extra lighting in my kitchen and this would be perfect! Maybe spray paint copper metallic? Absolutely adore your creativity, Mette!

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