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DIY Wire Storage


Hello, you lovely readers of eclectic trends , it’s me Mette again from monsterscircus. I’m so thrilled to enter another great year here with you and Gudy. Most of you people love a clutter free and organized home. I’m not saying that you’re home is going to be highly organized with today’s project, but you will have endless possibilities to stay a bit organized with these wire baskets. It’s a super fast and budget-friendly project, so, what’s not to love?


Let’s get wired and organized.


Wire fence (garden wire)



Step 1. Snip the four corners of the wire as pictured.

Step 2. Bend up each side, so it will look as picture 2-3.

Step 3. Use the sandpaper to soften the wire ends and bend a small hook on each of the wires.

Step 4. Combine all sides and after securing all the sides, you’re done!


So simple, right? You can use it as it is or you can customize it, make the basket mimic your personal style and home – or use it as a color pop and spray paint it with a neon color.


It will be ideal for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, filled with some homemade treats, or a good read – great for fruits to stay fresh for longer – and of course, perfect for keeping your home office organized and your desk arranged neatly.


Thank you so much reading, I hope you enjoyed my project and might want to try it out, see you next time.

How about some extra inspiration?

26 Responses

  1. This is GREAT! I can see so many possibilities for using these baskets and, as a wire-wrap jewelry maker, even adorning them a bit more if I wanted to use one on my night stand, for instance. I love your projects, Mette!

    1. Hi Dani H
      What a wonderful comment Dani – Yes you’re absolutely right, your imagination is the only limit. What a great idea and I can hear you’re full of these:-)
      Thank you very much for your input and warming comment.
      Have a lovely day.

  2. Oh Mette, I have this terrible habit of piling paperwork on my kitchen bench, it’s actually the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Really bad for so many reasons I know. I’ve been thinking that I should get a nice place to place them at least so this could do the trick. xx M

    1. Hi Mel.
      Ha ha Mel I’m very familiar with those piling of paperwork and stuff:-) I’m actually trying to get the bagua flow at home, so gotta get rid of the bad habit too. You seem so organised Mel I’m sure, if you have piles of paperwork, they are very stylish:-)
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend,
      big hug Mette

  3. Love, love Mette! I just made a couple of very small wire objects last week and it took me forever-I just love your idea of re-moulding a wire sheet though-definitely one to try-thank you! Happy weekend Mette and Gudy! xx

    1. Hi Caroline.
      Oh that sounds amazing! Love wire projects, but I’m sorry haven’t seen it on your blog, but looking forward too:-) Yes it has to be quick and easy project, so it’s like you said, re-moulding:-)
      Great Caroline, happy crafting and hope you had a lovely weekend.

  4. These look amazing, Mette! Back in December I have made a wire paper backet that will move into the new studio with me, I can’t wait to show it… But the moving comes first… THANK YOU to Gudy for showing this amazinlgy talented lady on your blog! Have a great weekend the two of you!

    1. Hi Anastasia.
      Thank you very much! You did? Oh dear what a teaser, will be looking so much forward to see your work. Yes I bet there’s many people who’s looking forward to see your new home (including me) – It’s going to be fantastic I know.
      Have a beautiful week Anastasia.

    1. Hi Tina.
      Thank you very much Tina. I’m sorry if I haven’t pictured the process clear enough , but it’s acutally only just, snip, bend and combine:-) A great week to you and thank you for taking your time for a comment.

  5. I read your post a few days ago and can’t help but think of it whenever I pass by a fenced garden (and believe me, I’ve seen many in the past couple of days hihi). I realized you used a much prettier kind of wire than they use in the regular French garden, I’ll look our for some at the garden center ;) Thank you Mette and Gudy for showing this creative lady’s work! xx

    1. Hi Judith.
      Oh I’m ver glad that you’ve been thinking of me one some of your lovely runs! You do see so many wonderful things on your way and I really enjoy every step on insta:-)
      Ha ha year there’s so many type of wire fences, this one is my favorite, it’s the easiest one to work with. Thank you so much for your comment Judith and enjoy your weekend!

  6. Its a really good idea for a creative basket, I would love to create one go two to my living room. :)

    But where do I buy the fence?? In cobber? :)


    1. Hi Simone.
      Ohh sounds good, I bet your friends is going to want one, when they see your creations:-)
      You can buy the fence at the hardware store (byggemarkedet) – I haven’t seen the wire fence in copper, but that could look pretty amazing and I would definitly it:-) I’ve just spray painted the baskets with copper paint, you can get that from the hardware store too.
      Enjoy your project Simone!

  7. What a cool project! May I borrow one pic from you to a blog post tomorrow? Of course with links and solicitation to my readers to go here and see how they can make these baskets. I would use it like I have done here:

    With a top photo in a collage with two other projects, and as a single photo with credits and with some text about the diy and a link to this page.

    Hope for a positive answer :)

    Best wishes,
    Ann Merete

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