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Launching our Earthly Delights series today: Pattern Party. The July Issue

We are very happy to launch the EARTHLY DELIGHTS series today.

Sandy and myself met virtually at Blogging your Way in 2012, stayed in contact during the upcoming month and got finally to meet (long awaited) in May this year celebrating together her birthday in Barcelona.

We have a common love for travel, photography, food and styling.
Since we somehow wanted to join forces and creativity, we’ve been thinking of how to join our passions and came up with the series Earthly Delights where we just do what we are best at. Sandy from Jena, Germany and myself from Barcelona, Spain with one common theme and two interpretations.

Sandy loves everything food related and my passion is about styling and decorating. There will be one topic every month such at is PATTERN PARTY now in June translated, formed and created in our very individual ways.




S: “I love stripes-only horizontals though. I have an incredible amount of shirts in my closet which is still growing, I just can’t help it. Stripes are modern, not too eccentric, they go along with almost everything and in any occasion, creating always good mood. And that’s how my favorite print would lead me to cooking – light and summery popsicles made out of strawberry, mint and yoghurt. Happyness allover, refreshing and the perfect start for our first theme!”

Earthly delights Pattern Party_1
Earthly delights Pattern Party_2
Earthly delights Pattern Party_3

G: “When we decided on Pattern Party, I was not thinking about a real party. But I always love those editorials when magazines present their new collections on wallpapers and fabrics and have wanted to do something similar ever since: upholster, dress, style with textiles and print. So, the idea was of presenting flowers, checks, stripes, tye dye effects and dots-everything en vogue right now- in a way they would still work together (there is even an octopus:-) with a nice back drop and some 3D elements. The props come from magazines such as Simple Things and Elle Decoration and different shops in Germany and Spain. I had really f fun putting everything together and you know the best part is yet to come: discover was Sandy has been ‘cooking’…”

Note for my German readers: Sandy has been writing a lovely text in German. Enjoy reading her, here.

How about some extra inspiration?

27 Responses

  1. I am so happy that we are coming up with Earthly Delights – it is such a pleasure to brainstorm, to work and to create new ideas with you my dear. Really looking forward to all our other ideas and of course the next theme.
    yours Sandy

    1. Ja, Du Schöne! Get the “to do list” ready for upcoming ideas and projects :-) So good to have you around! ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you, Aimee.When meeting up for the first time, we shortly after decided, we had to create ‘something’ together. We’ll see what we are coming up next with :-) Hope all is well!

  2. Holaaa!

    Me encantan e interesan siempre tus posts. Estan llenos de ideas e imágenes de verdad. Estan currados y pensados, o sea que, soy fan tuya! jajaja!
    A mi tambien me interesa la fotografía, el buen comer, la decoración, la moda,…, viajar y conocer. O sea que compartamos todo lo que podamos porque es lo que suma!

    Soy más de rayas marineras con rojos y turquesas, me dan alegria!

    Un abrazo y feliz verano tambien para ti!


  3. I’ve been dying to get to this post properly all night! Sandy, the colours of those popsicles are spectacular and Gudy love the origami! What a fab idea ladies, great and interesting interpretations – I can’t wait for more x

  4. So wonderful to see this 2 very different interpretations of the same theme! Love the popsicles and that little octopus! And of course I’m very curious if you wrote anything on the inside of the origami-game (no idea what it’s called!)… Looking forward to the upcoming collaborations, Sandy and Gudy!

    1. I don’t know either what they are called. Sandy said “Nasenzwicker” but please don’t make me translate this :-) Thks for coming over, Judith!

  5. Hola Gudy!
    Admiro mucho todo tu trabajo, siempre estoy atenta a ver que novedades nos traes por tu blog, y hoy… un proyecto precioso de colaboración!!! Me ha encantado! Muchas ganas de que nos vayáis mostrando vuestro trabajo.

    Felicitaciones a las dos!

    Os sigo!

    A disfrutar del veranito!!



    1. Mapi, guapa! Agradezco tanto tu comentario!! Lo hemos disfrutado mucho. Yo quería dejar de trabajar siempre por mi cuenta y juntar ideas y creatividad con más gente.Y ya ves, es posible desde dos países…De todas las maneras, mi ‘media naranja creativa’ me lo ha puesto muy fácil. Cuídate.
      ¿Has podido encontrar algún curso que te vaya bien? Un abrazo muy grande!

  6. What a great collaboration of two of my favourite bloggerettes! I already commented over at Sandy’s – but again: Lovely to see your two perspectives, and I really like the cheerful and colorful start!

    1. Lena! Thank you for having taken the time to comment on both blogs! You are such a loyal fellow!!xxxx

    1. Dear Louise, of all the bought props for this theme, I have used, let’s say a 25%. The rest just came out of my ‘stocks’. I don’t own too much though I have to say but I’d love to have a proper store space just for props. That would be a hashtag like #astylistsdream :-) Thk you for coming over!

    1. Liebe Anette, funny enough , both we worked with blues without knowing…Sandy has a strong French influence though :-)

  7. Amazing Gudy! Congratulation, it looks devine and it’s really exciting to see how your personal touch kick starts this ideas. Looking forward for more eye treats and inspirational ideas! Both so talented :-) Big hug from Denmark:-)

    1. Thank you Mette! Coming from such a creative person, that’s a great compliment!Truth is without Sandy that could not have been possible….:-) Big hug straight back to you!

  8. Great idea, excellent photos, promising collaboration, good vibes!
    That was eye candy from both of you.
    I´m looking forward to the things up to come.

  9. What I enjoy most during work, is collaboration and cooperation. It is so amazing to see how people approach to the same idea in so different ways. I like the way you have coped together with the Pattern Party!!!!
    Looking forward to see what’s next.

    1. Dear Alba, blogging gets even more fun when collaborations come up.It’s much better that just having your screen as the solely partner:-) Have a really good weekend and hugs to Milan.

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