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Maximum – An Interior Design & Lifestyle Trend 2018/19

Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends

And meanwhile we are finalizing our Spring/Summer Trend Report 2019 (2 weeks to go), I had promised I would release one Interior Design & Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 being part of the trend lecture I gave at the imm Cologne earlier this year.


After a long period of observing and living a minimal (life) style, it was only a question of time to see a counterpart rising. The minimal period has been and is highly influenced by the Scandinavian Style in colors, shapes and an uncluttered look&feel, but also refers to a more minimal way of living due to economical restrictions.

Maximum is born as a reaction expressing the desire to end a period and experiment new aesthetics and way of living. It’s about pushing the boundaries of pleasure and self-gratification.

This end consumer demands products that flatter their personality and style. There are no rules they feel they have to adapt to.

We see a self-confident consumer, who knows how to mix and match, they do not care much about what others might say, their gut feeling of what feels best prevails over ‘what I should wear or publish on social media platforms’.

The look is bold, attention drawing, but within clean lines. The former over-embellishment has moved over to an often used tone-on-tone design that plays with depth and shows a less opulent-baroque style we have seen for S/S 2018.

It’s all about exposure! The home is the new ego trip to be shared on Instagram.
Gudy Herder



Eclectic Trends | Maximum-A Lifestyle Trendd A/W 2018/19



Aesthetic codes have a seductive color palette. It’s glamorous, it’s sexy, it’s opulent, it’s curvy, eclectic and daring.

This is a beautifully rich palette that elegantly combines cherry red and port wine with powerful and glam purple and violet tones. Anchored in the middle, a vivid olive blends into a fresh garden green while a deeper teal completes the Maximum palette.

Let’s see a few projects now more in detail.

Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends


These glasses are filming your world. You just need to press the button to start recording a 10-second video from your hands-free perspective. With on-the-go charging and wireless syncing to Snapchat, it’s all about be in the moment, and more importantly, share straight away.  Spectacles light up (top right) to let friends know you’re recording.

Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends

Bottega Veneta SS18

The gender-fluid combination of this outfit blends perfectly into our chosen color palette including an olive green we consider to be essential in the color palette of this trend. Shiny patterned velvet adds to a attention drawing, glamorous style.

Maximum-Lifestyle -Trend-2018-19-Jörg-Koch-via-Eclectic-Trends

Jörg Koch’s Berlin home | Henry Bourne photography

This is 032c editor Jörg Koch’s Berlin home featuring a Brutalist church complex turned into a loft apartment whose living room is completely covered, floor-to-ceiling, in a soft purple carpet. This image is a great example of how extrovert the aesthetics are, but always within very clean lines. There is no over-embellishment but a strict concept of space and

Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends

Aesop by Weiss-heiten

In order to connect with local surroundings, one of Aesop’s core visual concepts is to work with different designers around the world, creating unique spaces with local and relevant vocabularies. Their first signature store in Germany opened in Berlin Mitte being commissioned by the studio Weiss-heiten to create the architectural concept and interior design.

Color graduation is one of the key features of the Maximum trend. Working within one color but using different tones, the idea of depth of field is enhanced. The almost one-material only concept (green tiles) is aligned with carefully placed product which helps  to balance the first impression of color explosion.

Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends

Atelier Relaxium 

With the Atelier Relaxium, the concept of an airport lounge is been taken in a completely new direction. You can lounge at Terminal 2 of the Copenhagen Airport enjoying Normann Copenhagen’s colorful designs and rainbow style throughout the space.  The multicolored oasis offers guests unique private and social experiences.

Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends

Rick Owens SS18 | Kim Weston Arnold Photography

If MAXIMUM speaks to an end consumer who is going to make/dress/live how s/he damn well pleases, Rick Owen’s notes on this collection resonate and provide some food for thought:

I feel I need to propose experimental grace and form as a gesture of turning away from threat. Not really as escapism, but as rejection.
Rick Owens



Maximum-A Lifestyle Trend 2018/19 via Eclectic Trends

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

We have been writing about this gem of a café earlier where the bathroom in dark oxblood really stands out. The combination with matte metal finishings and brown marble invites to spend more time than the necessary, and probably take more than one Instagram image. You can read more here.



They are attracted to products that flatter their personality and will look for

  1. attention drawing features in color, volume and textures

  2. exposition and imagery that is highly instagramable

The MAXIMUM Trend should be translated into features that

  1. are bold but within clean lines

  2. allow for a memorable experience

  3. include a seductive color palette


If you are interested in being notified of the launch of the next digital Trend Report, please let us know:


Spring/Summer 2019 Trend Report



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