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Meet The Blogger Walking tour Stockholm: Lotta Agaton Shop

What an amazing weekend it was! My head is still spinning off with so much excellent information we got from all the speakers and places we have seen. And I finally met in person some of the bloggers I always wanted to such as Jeanette from ByFryd, Caroline from Trend Daily, Carole, Arianna and Daniel from HeartHomeMag, Thea and Toni from Sister Mag, and so many others. And it’s been lovely meeting again fellow bloggers I already had the chance to get to know in real life. I have uploaded quite some extra information on my fan page and will concentrate on the blog mainly on articles related to my passion: the interior world.

After one day of excellent workshops and key note presentations, all the bloggers met on Sunday and started a walking (and shopping) tour through Stockholm visiting the Bemz inspiration store, Lotta Agatan’s shop, Svensk Tenn (post from yesterday) and Design Torget. Visiting the Lotta Agatan shop has been a dream since she started. I have been following along her updates and was very interested in the concept itself since she opens it to the public only one day per week. And I knew I would shop too…but that’s a different post:-)

I believe she combines her office with the shop and that’s probably why she is not opening every day (only on Thursdays) what makes it even more desirable! But how wonderful it has to be working in such an inspirational environment!

I loved the leather color of those…fly swatters ( sorry, if it’s meant to be for a different purpose:-) and regretted afterwards not having bought one of these. Well, that could be a good reason to come back!

These wire clouds are so pretty. How nice that they are just decorative objects with no further function than sprucing your home up!

This is probably the most famous image of her shop. I like the idea of the 5 small nesting tables together. Why having one big one? With different ones you can easily change the settings whenever you need a fresh look.

Whenever I see a vignette with a standing hand, I am thinking Lotta Agaton’s  signature.

That’s the wall behind the huge office desk with several, thoughtful often funny quotes.

Of all the shops we visited, this is the one where we were lining up at the cash till until we had to leave…and a last word, Lotta and her team have been wonderful hosts!

¡Intentaré traducir el texto al castellano cuanto antes! 

How about some extra inspiration?

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    1. Did you see all the posts popping up afterwards? Some had great pictures with an empty shop. I was wondering where all the 70 bloggers were meanwhile :-) Anyhow, I would have loved to have some extra time too!

  1. Oh Gudy, it sounds like such a wonderful time and Lotta’s store is such a great idea – to open once a week! I’m mentally preparing to coincide a trip to visit the family with a meet the blogger next time! Mel x

    1. That is a very good idea, just make sure it is on a Thursday:-) Her shop is small but it takes a lot of time to decide wether to get it all or just a part and which… :-)

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