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What if you could build an ever-growing color and materials library that’s easily accessible and regularly updated?




Is this
  • “I love discovering new materials, but I don’t have time to search for them online, let alone attend materials shows.”
  • “I tend to stick with my usual color & materials library unless I have a specific project.
  • “We need to create more sensory experiences for our clients in a highly digital environment. Haptic dialogues are essential.”
  • “I know that color is the magic key for any presentation. However, I always work with the same color swatches; I’d love a change.”
  • to those endless trips to numerous stores in search of the perfect materials
  • time-consuming online searches for sample sources
  • to discover new providers, find the right person to contact you, and wait for a visit 


With our Materials Boxes, we bring convenience right to your doorstep by delivering a carefully curated assortment of beautiful supplies and presenting you new brands and their collections.

Color and materials workshops
the story

The beginnings and evolution:

In 2016, Gudy started giving her first mood board workshop. Today, the first 4-hours program has evolved into various creative sessions and programs around Lifestyle, Color and Material Trends.

Commissioned CMF projects came along for Eclectic Trends, and there was a need for constantly sourcing materials.

The remaining requests:

The audience of these workshops and programs has changed, but what has stayed the same is the ever-upcoming question of where to get beautiful color samples and materials from.

The solution:

Curating materials collections is an answer to different questions, and here we are with our first materials boxes that contain textures, color samples, and surface design.

We have meanwhile created a materials library with samples from 60+ providers and plan to offer regular new collections.