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What if you could build an ever-growing color and materials library that’s easily accessible and regularly updated?

Materials Boxes full of color and textured fabric swatches
Is this
  • “I love discovering new materials, but I don’t have time to search for them online, let alone attend materials shows.”
  • “I tend to stick with my usual color & materials library unless I have a specific project.
  • “We need to create more sensory experiences for our clients in a highly digital environment. Haptic dialogues are essential.”
  • “I know that color is the magic key for any presentation. However, I always work with the same color swatches; I’d love a change.”
  • to those endless trips to numerous stores in search of the perfect materials
  • time-consuming online searches for sample sources
  • to discover new providers, find the right person to contact you, and wait for a visit 


With our Materials Boxes, we bring convenience right to your doorstep by delivering a carefully curated assortment of beautiful supplies and presenting you new brands and their collections.


You’d love to ‘touch’ color…Who doesn’t? 

A few of us need to be surrounded by color in a way where color becomes material. Seeing it on a screen is not giving enough satisfaction or information.

After years of working with scratched and not-ready-to-present color swatches after several uses, we created an awesome alternative for you.

These color samples do not bend! They are sturdy, laminated on wood, and come in a beautiful palette of 25 tones.

Voilà our Touchable Tones box!


Color samples for moodboarding
Fabric Sample Box for Eclectic Trends for mood boards

Let us introduce you to the basic kit of your new materials library!

Our neutral tones and soft textures are refined, on-trend, and easy to blend into any project requiring a comforting touch.

It’s a “staple kit” or “everyday essentials.” 

Think of this collection as if they were the basic pieces of a wardrobe that you rely on consistently in your creative work.

Nature has become an essential part of many creative projects, and we wanted to give some support with this awesome mix of nature-inspired fabrics:
You will find, among others:
  • Leaves on premium velvet  
  • Playful jungle themes
  • Delicate flower patterns
  • Pixelated nature universes  (very cool)
  • Subtle animal print (staying classy)
  • Mono-colored swatches in greens, rust, pink, or yellow to support your nature-based stories in projects
Surface Design Materials Box for moodboarding


Surface Design samples are not easy to get if you want to have a collection of wood, stone, metal, and fabric-inspired patterns all in one place.


This is why we have curated a box full of it and call it Haptic Wonderland. 


And that’s what these box are full of.

Color and materials workshops
the story

The beginnings and evolution:

In 2016, Gudy started giving her first mood board workshop. Today, the first 4-hours program has evolved into various creative sessions and programs around Lifestyle, Color and Material Trends.

Commissioned CMF projects came along for Eclectic Trends, and there was a need for constantly sourcing materials.

The remaining requests:

The audience of these workshops and programs has changed, but what has stayed the same is the ever-upcoming question of where to get beautiful color samples and materials from.

The solution:

Curating materials collections is an answer to different questions, and here we are with our first materials boxes that contain textures, color samples, and surface design.

We have meanwhile created a materials library with samples from 60+ providers and plan to offer regular new collections.