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My color trends 2015/16 for Global Color Research: DUSKY BERRY

I am happy to be able to publish all images and mood boards I presented last Saturday (this is a digital version though) at Global Color Research for their trend report Mix Trends 2015/16. It has been an interesting task since these colors and moods little have to do with me, specially when it comes to the 2nd part. But today I´ll introduce you part I.

DUSKY BERRY is all about berry colors but not in the sense of a joyful color choice but observing a darker and even more luxury approach. I had started the presentation with an image of different berries and a beautiful color scheme to get into the mood.

Cannelle et Vanelle

We started last Fall/Winter 12/113 spotting burgundy as a new color to come still unexplored but being back this fall in many stores. We talk deep red, burgundy and oxblood being a rich and luxe trend. But I do see berry tones evolve too getting a dash of make up color in it.

In my opinion where we stand right now is somewhere here: berry tones are still slightly more pink, treated with high key lighting and there is a soft and slightly romantic feeling. Very feminine and gentle. Those would be the corresponding images:

 Raw colors | She who eats |Mel Bles

My feeling however is we are shifting towards darker backgrounds, it get’s moody, a bit misty, wood is reflecting still the link to nature, and you can already observe an almost unpredictable change towards a different story. It starts getting a lot darker in any sense with a touch of decay even.

Eclectic Trends: Dusky Berry Trend 2015/16

 Linda Lomelino

My final take of the new color inspiration and forecast is this one: darker images, darker back drops, a more luxury feeling, blurry images and a stronger trend to some drama (it doesn’t involve depressive feelings though). Purple stands for luxury and exclusivity. The color has been made out of snail slime in the early times in Lebanon. They prepared a brew out of snails getting 100 l liquid and a final greenish color extract of 5 l. Silk and wool were died and only when drying them in the sun, the color would turn purple. It has been a privilege to wear purple reserved to high priests and kings.

But purple speaks about creativity too. Richard Wagner upholstered the furniture in his music room where he was composing with berry tones. And this is where I see the trend leading to. We don’t live in a romantic world but are influenced by actual difficult economical situations and in the search for a new way of expression, a new creativity, wanting to explore again darker fields and moods.

Cereal Magazine Voigtf64 | Call me cupcake

What do you think? It looks and feels different, right? I’d like to insist on the fact the darker side here is all about searching for a new approach, moving on, not standing still, being curious and very creative!

House of Hackney |Chris CourtJuliska ceramics | Jennifer Causey

Eclectic Trends: Dusky Berry Trend

Eclectic Trends: DUSKY BERRY COLOR PALETTE 2015/16

Usually you start with the clear colors from top to bottom and left to right but this time the color chart is arranged by importance.

And to finish with, here goes the last image from my mood board that leads into the second presentation since both trends were linked.

Eclectic Trends: Dusky Berry Tend 2015/16

Paolo Reversi

I would love to hear your thoughts! Have a wonderful week!

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How about some extra inspiration?

21 Responses

  1. So well chosen, Gudy! Excellent work! That is really eye candy to me. I love berry tones but am not such a big fan of burgundy. Like you I spotted a “trend” in food photography as well. There are more moody, rustic surfaces and colours, and everything looks more down to earth and approachable so to speak. Totally impressed by your work – looks so artsy and sophisticated. Looking forward to our “Earthly Delights” later this week.
    Happy week my dear, Sandy

    1. Same here. Burgundy reminds me of those velvet trousers I used to have in the eighties. Brrrrr…Earthly Delights #2 goes live tomorrow!! YAY!

  2. UH! I’ve been dying to see this! I love this image by Mel Bles I’ve spotted on some of your earlier posts…. I even noticed that my photography has become more moody… I have two images, that underline all of what you’ve said:
    I even included berries in my styling! Is it a coincidence? Can’t wait for the second part!
    Love, Anastasia

  3. I am impressed by your work and what you did. I am not a big fan of these colors, but I love the way you present them and make them precious and elegant. I guess I have enough time to get used to them ;-) In the meantime I look forward the second part of your presentation. have a lovely week.

    1. Actually that was a bit challenging to me too. Not being a fan but still seeing the beauty in it. Like I have never worked with black folders before to create a mood board but thought it was appropiate here.Thanks for commenting, Ilaria!

  4. I’m impressed! The moodboards are beautiful and your thoughts really interesting. Like Ilaria, I’m not a big fan of purple or “berry tones” in general, but I like it a lot in the images you chose. I’d love to see the trend shift towards rustic and earthy tones and darker backgrounds – we see it lot in food photography already, I think. It would be interesting to see more of it in other contexts such as fashion or interiors as well!

    1. Yes, food photography is all updated, in fact, it feel it is even influencing our styling disciplines!I do have more examples for interior, I will post in part II. xx

  5. Ai Gudy! Impresionada estoy. Me gusta tanto tu trabajo. Tu poder de concentración, tus reflexiones controladas y meditadas, tu estilo, tu exquisito mundo.
    Solo pensar en presentar las tendencias en colores para las próximas temporadas me parece un lujo, con lo que yo amo los colores.
    Me encanta como lo has presentado y las reflexiones a las que has llegado. Yo soy tan impulsiva que cuando encuentro a alguien con este poder de concentración me flipa.

    Por supuesto tengo mis preferidos pero te diré que los más potentes, los más dramáticos son los que más me atraen. Aunque no los relaciono para nada con lo agresivo sino que con la fuerza, soy de extremos. Que sofisticación.

    Y la última foto es belleza pura. La decadencia de esas flores con la luz y potencia de esos ojos… Esa calma y tragedia a la vez…como te dije soy de extremos!

    Me parece un trabajo tan bonito el tuyo.
    Felicidades guapa!

    Deseo ver la segunda parte.


    1. Impresionada estoy yo por tus comentarios!Interesante lo de la fuerza, yo me temía que uno podía pensar que había un toque depresivo y no lo veo, no quiero verlo, para nada así. Todo cambio lleva a nuevas formas de expresión y me maravilla poder observar como se transforma eso en colores, estilos y ambientes. Si, la última foto es de Helena Christiansen, hecha para Vogue ya hace unos cuantos años, y es tan actual ahora!xx

  6. Hi Gudy, thx for this post! I love this color and the darkness you speak about is so right, I just feel totally the same :-) purple is a creative color, even in a dark tone! sometimes a bit mysterious, like if we are not sure where we are going, but despite of the unsureness still want to move forward…THX!

    1. Happy, I am not the only one!
      Unsureness is a good key word. In fact, the second part of the presentation speaks about ‘uncertainty’ which is pretty much the same content I’d say! Hope all is well, Iris!

  7. A wonderful presentation Gudy and an interesting read ! I wonder how that can be interpreted into the warmer months (what we’re moving in to). Do you think that an element will remain in the spring and summer? Mel x

  8. Tengo la fortuna de recibir primero las valoraciones de Gudy y después flipar con su trabajo. No es políticamente correcto escribir lo que yo diría, pero si que lo traduciré en, increíble, maravilloso, me encanta, que fácil lo haces. Estar acostumbrado a ver tus trabajos hace que casi me parezca uno más, baja un poco el nivel guapa que el vulgo necesita identificarse.
    Genial, siempre dejándonos alucinados, la segunda parte existe?, es cierto que la vas a escribir?, no son juegos malabares marketinianos?
    Un placer disfrutar tus trabajos,
    Jesús Ricarte

    1. Jesús! Siendo tan conocedor del mundillo del mueble y la decoración, visitante de ferias y viendo tanta tendencia, me hace especial ilusión tu comentario!
      Sí, la segunda parte existe, por supuesto. Simplemente es bastante oscura, un tanto mística y necesitaba introducir este primer post para luego ‘rematar’ el tema. Lo publico la semana que viene. Gracias por pasarte! Un abrazo.

  9. Gudy, this is really wonderful. I love the move towards an earthier, more textured palette, and the berries and burgundy are beautiful. It seems like it represents a move back to a more nature-oriented state, which we have already seen in the increase in artisan products, whether it be in food or product design. I know that I for one, after years of computer-generated work, have really enjoyed the move back (?) to the handmade process. I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Tracy, me alegro mucho que te guste. Creo que pueda contestar en castellano, verdad? Si, el tema artesanal ya no es ni una tendencia pero toda una realidad. Hay cada vez más oferta y conciencia, y es justo lo que toca ahora. Un poco volver a las raíces nos sienta bien a todos, no? Gracias por tu comentario!

  10. I’ve just discovered your blog via urban jungle bloggers and it is so inspiring!
    The first time I’ve played with berry / purple color and food, was when I tried to reproduce a Janice Poon scene from the series Hannibal. And I have to say that this color is really really specific, as it change completely the ambiance for something between dark and classy. Can’t wait to make some other try around this color. Here is my post:

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!Berry colors are indeed special and there will be a revival of dark purple too. I am all curious to see what the Salone in Milan will have to say about it next week:)

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