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My February Moodboard

My Feburary Moodboard is about blooming, greenery, textures, nature, some romanticism and even structure. It pretty much sums up my life right now :-)

February Moodboard

So this month’ moodboard is digital and not tactile as I use to do them. The reason is a full agenda, and I wanted to try out a different technique and lay out. February has been very green for me on my IG feed and on the blog too. I have started with a green and white collage, finding then some very faded pastels (which was not my intention) and I just let it go at the end including a bit of pale pink imagery.

Images via: Kawamura Ganjavian |  A pear in a peacoat | Commonwealth |Anca Gray |Ffffound |Andrea Garuti |Petit Beast |VintagePiken|Affordable Art Fair | Denofopulence | Vintagepiken

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. Pues este mes de febrero en verdes intensos y rosas palos me da un relax y una sensación de frescura que me encanta!
    Y por otro lado el punto mágico del blanco y el dramático del negro acentuan ese rollo inquietante que también me aporta este moodboard. Esas formas redondas, insinuantes, las raices y los nervios, mmm!
    Este moodboard dice muucho de ti!

    Chulísimo! Me encanta cuando utilizas montajes fotograficos.

    Un abrazo!

    1. Danke dir, Angela. Ich mag es auch und würde es gern noch mit in den März nehmen. Das kommt davon wenn man jeden Monat ein neues Moodboard präsentiert!

  2. Gudy, my heart just skipped a beat when I saw your moodboard. It’s just so beautiful! I love your style! Happy February my lovely xD

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