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One plant, three stylings

This is my take on the last Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge. The February theme is about getting creative and style 1 plant in 3 different ways showing how indoor plants can fit into any kind of interior styling.

Igor and Judith are the two creative souls behind this project, watch out, today there will be some green inspirations over the blogosphere!

Eclectic Trends for Urban Jungle Bloggers

Eclectic Trends for Urban Jungle Bloggers_purple

Eclectic Trends for Urban Jungle Bloggers

My idea was of playing with colored glasses wether piling them up to create some height or go directly for a wine glass and plant some heart chain greenery. My tip would be to get a darker color since the very transparent ones don’t look too attractive with all the soil shining through. I tried the yellow one you see in the last pic and that was not the best idea:-)

Please hop over to the founder’s blogs (Happy Interior Blog and Joelix) and see what they come up with this month.

How about some extra inspiration?

14 Responses

  1. Lovely to see your pictures Gudy! My first UJB challenge and my post will be so late-kids school holidays and today we go away to the Cotswolds for an overnight mini-holiday! Must get more organised! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. What a beautiful and gentle plant you’ve chosen for your styling!! I must say I was expecting some ceramics here but the take on glass is pretty matching the plant’s elusiveness…

  3. A string of hearts, that’s so poetic! And so is your styling: soft & airy. Thank you for joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers adventure this month, Gudy! I love how your stylings are so you! Somehow I don’t see your last yellow one, but I like the first purple/blueish one, it combines to well with the greens, greys and purple of the string of hearts ♥

  4. That plant is so sweet – the little heart shapes. All 3 are very well styled, my favourite is the first (blue). xD

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