Best Diy Christmas Table Setting Ideas with monsterscircus

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Hello, hello! It’s Mette from monsterscircus and I'm so excited to be back here at Eclectic Trends. So, I really hope you'll get inspired by today's project. What's better than to hello you with a dazzling and memory-making holiday table setting that'll be the talk of the holiday? No matter what’s on the Christmas menu, any holiday table deserves a special touch, so let’s …

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How do bloggers translate trends – Black Wall Art

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I am very happy to share a new project by Mette, my favorite creative rock star! During the past month I had invited fellow bloggers to participate in a project where they were asked to translate interior design trends. If you are a regular reader, you might have seen three surface design trends I developed for BOEN last year. Igor from …

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DIY Cacti Christmas Ornaments with monsterscircus

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Before, I invite you to Mette's stage, let me share with you this little story! Mette has been a loyal contributor to my blog for more than one year with stunning DIY projects. These have been featured literally everywhere, and counting on her as a contributor has always filled me with pride and joy. We are good friends since then and try …

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Protected: 4 Craft Inspirations and Trends by monsterscircus – For Newsletter Subscribers Only

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1// Where does the craft trend come from? Women of previous generations knew how to knit and how to patchwork. Such skills were taught at a young age, passed down from the matriarch as a rite of passage for the next generation of capable women. Somewhere along the way, people got busy outside the home and clothes got mass-produced and cheaper. There …

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DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

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Hello dear Eclectic Trend readers! It’s Mette from monsterscircus and I’m popping in to share the last Eclectic Trend DIY with you this year. The project today is really easy and requires no more than simple creativity and whatever supplies you have on hand. Whether you have decorated the Christmas tree and hung out decorations or haven’t started yet there’s time …

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DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

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Hi dear Eclectic Trends readers, it’s me Mette again - I’ve really been looking forward to join you again! Oh, don’t you just love this time of the year? I’m very fond of the idea of more often gatherings with friend and family and just being together – oh, and the atmosphere? It says: “please sit down and stay awhile”. Today …

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