Former monastery turned boutique hotel Hôtel du Cloître by India Mahdavi

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We are big fans of India Mahdavi, being a designer who sets trends and influences widely the interior design scene. If you happen to be in the Provence any time soon, you might want to stay at the Hôtel du Cloître re-designed by India Mahdavi recently. Don't get fooled by what looks like a rather rustic facade of a discreet townhouse, the contemporary …

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Today’s relevance of feeling ‘at home’: Hotel Bienvenue Paris

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When moderating a panel discussion during the Best of Interior Awards a few weeks ago in Munich, Germany, I was asking Viki Kitzig from the architecture bureau Kitzig how hotel design has changed. Her answer was that a hotel has to take over the role of a home when away from home nowadays. Independent French hotelier Adrien Gloaguen couldn't agree …

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Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley in Melbourne

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We found this precious gem of a cafe, Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley, and would love to share these marvelous interiors with you. The interiors were designed by Studio Esteta, an architectural and interior design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. It is the round shapes and color palette in particular, that has caught our eyes. Round shapes have always had a large …

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An inspiring color palette: The Henrietta Hotel in London

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Being an interior enthusiast, you probably can relate to the fact, that visiting Salone del Mobile feels like a brand new recommencement. Surprisingly often and even months after visiting the Salone we stumble over references and inspiring details that were born in Milan only: The Parisian Designer of the Henrietta Hotel in London, Dorothee Meilichzon says about her very first …

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We Work – A fancy co-working space in Hong Kong

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The number of co-working spaces has increased considerably. A few month ago, I was told by a co-working founder Barcelona hosts more than 400 spaces...What started as a cost saving initiative has, attracted many start-ups, small enterprises and free-lancers. The co-working space trend and its concept has undergone an interesting evolution in the past two years.Compared to traditional offices, you …

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It’s Trending: 9 Examples of The Total Look in Pink

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We are back with our It's Trending series, this time covering the Total Look in Pink.We’ve already talked about trending tone-on-tone stylings in Interior Design a few months ago. The trick is to stay just within one hue and make it a story with less contrast possible. There are several color proposals on the market but nothing beats the pink …

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