Color Inspiration No. 20: Stone Blue, Egg Yolk, Crepe, Clay, Apricot

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This mood board and  Color Inspiration No. 20 is inspired by several proposals spotted at the Salone del Mobile this year that are still resonating with me. I believe color combinations have been evolved much in the past years leading to surprising and fascinations results.A timeless cosmetic color palette (it's not a trend anymore but very integrated in all design disciplines) is enriched …

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6 Examples and 4 tips on how to flat lay and tell a story

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Italian brand Porro has put together a wide array of materials and accessories to evoke different moods. The idea was to represent  different user interiors and tastes ranging from Revisited Neoclassical Style to New York loft.I get often asked in the moodboard masterclass how different a flat lay from a mood board is and how to flat lay. You can see …

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How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board? The Blue Series

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2017 is the year of the blue shades. Let's translate this trend into a tone-on-tone color mood board.Denim Drift has been declared Color of the Year 2017 by AkzoNobel, International Klein Blue is coming strong on several fashion shows, WGSN has opened a department only working the Denim Trend...No wonder my current mood is reflected in a tone-on-tone color mood board (and …

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Protected: ¿Cómo trabajar el branding con un moodboard?

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Voy a compartir contigo un par de ejemplos de moodboards realizados durante la masterclass para un branding. Una de las muchas y diversas profesiones que acude regularmente son los wedding planners. La técnica es ideal para presentar proyectos a clientes pero en esta ocasión Elisabeth de The Wedding Dreamer quería trabajar en su propio branding.Sus objetivos eran: Ganar claridad en lo que …

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Beautiful mood boards by Danielle Jade Windsor

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These are the greatest digital mood boards I have seen in a while, color and composition are sublime! Ready-to-wear fashion designer Danielle Jade Windsor based in London has been giving me much inspiration here with her very accurate less is more approach. You can follow her on her tumblr and IG feed. G, x

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My November Mood Board

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Lately I have developed a certain talent for publishing my monthly mood board pretty much the very last day of the month. This one was done for Fiona Humberstone's Colour For Creatives workshop and used for explaining a few techniques I work with when moodboarding like creating islands, overlapping and repeating objects.        The Floral Alchemist PhotographThe color combination I had chosen …

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