6 examples of trending Tone-On-Tone styling by Junichi Ito, part III

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This special gift edition for Vogue Japan was shot by Junichi Ito who is a photographer was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to New York City in 2005 where he currently lives. These 6 examples of trending Tone-On-Tone styling add to the previous articles where we already featured this fascinating way of color styling and photography. It was …

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How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board? The Violet Series

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This is our Monthly Mood Board and  second part of our How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board series dedicated to Violet shades. I was very  intrigued to see if our color forecast on violet would be confirmed in Milan. At a certain moment I stopped taking pictures of the many evidences I saw, but I have to admit, in …

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Lost Marbles by Martina Maffini

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We are back from the Salone del Mobile working through the hundreds of images and still analyzing what we spotted during last week. I will explain you soon the kind of report we are working on, since this year the focus will be different to the 2016 review. Meanwhile, we'd like to introduce you today to Lost Marbles, a rather poetic …

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It’s trending: 12 Examples of Beautiful Tone-On-Tone Palettes, part II

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Articles about color are a successful story on the blog and it seems that similar color palettes might add quite a bit to this success. Today we are back with 12 examples of beautiful tone-on-tone palettes. This look has one of the most simple recipes: one main color is used and mixed with graded hues within the same color family. As we …

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How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board? The Blue Series

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2017 is the year of the blue shades. Denim Drift has been declared Color of the Year 2017 by AkzoNobel, International Klein Blue is coming strong on several fashion shows, WGSN has opened a department only working the Denim Trend... No wonder my current mood is reflected in a tone-on-tone color mood board (and I am back to the monthly mood boards, my …

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It’s Trending: 9 Examples of The Total Look in Pink

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We are back with our It's Trending series, this time covering the Total Look in Pink. We’ve already talked about trending tone-on-tone stylings in Interior Design a few months ago. The trick is to stay just within one hue and make it a story with less contrast possible. There are several color proposals on the market but nothing beats the pink …

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