It’s Trending: The ribbed surface

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The ribbed surface is the latest (micro-micro) trend in interior design, set to mark a higher dynamic appearance. It is, so to speak, an extension of the Tactility Trend and Circle Trend. We have been noticing for a while now how ribbed surfaces are carving themselves a space back into the interior design scene. May they be textured ceramic wall covering, …

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When Interior Design meets Fashion: Topography 2.0

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We are back with our popular WIDMF series where we show the similarities between these two creative fields and how they nurture and complement each other covering today the intriguing colors and pattern Topography offers. For our Spanish readers, please see a second language option here. The Earth's surface with its shapes and details seen from the bird's eye view has been …

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A review: This was our Winter Trend Think Tank 2018

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I just wanted to give you a small behind-the-scenes peek on the Winter Trend Think Tank 2018 we celebrated 10 days ago. I had invited 6 experts who were presenting ideas and mood boards of creative disciplines such as food, interior design, technology, innovation, fashion, textiles, and sustainably luxury. During the day we would put individual ideas together to see if One Big …

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IMM Cologne 2018 – My Trend Lecture on 3 Lifestyle Trends 2018/19

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I hope you had a wonderful festive time and if you are planning already 2018, this post might be interesting. I am giving a Trend Lecture on 3 Lifestyle Trends 2018/19  at the IMM Cologne on January, 17, and would like to invite you to come over and attend the trend conference. I have 20 tickets to give away, and all …

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4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa

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I am excited to share 4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa, and if you are on our newsletter list, you can win the printed version which comes in 5 individual booklets. It's open world-wide, and we are giving away five copies. But before we dive into these trends, let us introduce you to Spanish wooden manufacture Finsa: they are …

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Artistic Synapses – Unpredictability

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    “Unpredictability” seems to work well with the concepts of disorder, chaos and randomness. We use that word and concept many times in our lives (for instance, we have a state of Unpredictability in our lives when we live a hectic life and when we are confused and don’t know what to do…). But in mathematics this can mean just the opposite. The …

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