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Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben & I’d like to share with a giveaway!

Gudy Herde Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben

So, after having seen the book Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben (Interior ideas from real living) on the internet for some days already, it finally made its way to Barcelona. The first book only about blogger homes. Contributing for the first time to a book project makes me happy and a little bit proud too! I am in great company among an amazing bunch of bloggers!
To my surprise, the book is very differently structured than I thought. I had the idea of personal interviews of each blogger showing his/her home , in my case it is my home office, in a few pages (we sent 35-40 pictures each!) and that’s it!
But the images are all alternated and you find different tips and tricks on one topic from several bloggers which makes the book really entertaining and a visual feast. And at the end, all our different styles and homes merge with a nice paper quality into one special book.

Eclectic Trends work space | Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben

I won’t make it to the Book Fair in Frankfurt where Callwey presents the book and has invited all contributing bloggers but I ‘d love to share with you this little adventure and I am hosting a giveaway of  a couple of copies. The book is in German but you’ ll enjoy it anyhow, I promise.

All you have to do is leaving a comment answering the question: Which is the book you’d love to contribute to? Existing or new concept, everything counts.

Eclectic Trends work space_2 | Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben

Deadline is September, 25th, 8a.m. CET , 2 winners will be chosen at random and delivery takes place within Europe only! *

Eclectic Trends work space_3 | Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben

I am very much looking forward to your comments and see what your publishing dream is about! xo

*This giveaway is only open to Europe based readers (sorry)! Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

 CONGRATULATIONS to Anya Jensen and Anastasia Benko! I hope you’ll enjoy the reading! Gudy xx

How about some extra inspiration?

27 Responses

  1. Hello Gudy,

    I would love to combine something that moves me and I my local environment.
    So, writing something about the Jazz music scene in the area of Germany I live in (hence the book in German would be a perfect fit for me ;-) ) would be great!

  2. Congratulations for taking part in such an amazing book Gudy_ I can’t wait to see it and yes, such great company. I think it would be great to take part in a creative mum book-I’m constantly amazed at the mums I meet who not only had amazing jobs before kids, but have found a new niche for themselves since having them too. In fact, I’m working with one on Friday! MMmmm, maybe I should take a few snaps!!! xx

  3. First of all, I love your homeoffice floors & the styling in general! Its so bright… I bet, the creative thoughts keep just flying in :-D
    I have been working on a journal about styling flowers, and I would love to contribute to such a book. I know, there are a lot of flower styling books out there, but my approach is different. Going to the local flower shop is easy, I tend to use what I have in my home like dried flowers {ok, ok, I’ve also collected lots of props}, go out in the woods and fields and collect flowers but also plants in general and try to make seasonal arrangements. To me it’s very interesting to combine props and plants that don’t usually go together… So now you know about my dream! And congrats to you, you are now a published blogger! But I bet, you still have a dream about your own book… What would it be like?

  4. Love to read more blogs about a stylish way of organizing and stories to simplify our lifes.
    I’m also bloggin about Home, Office & Lifestyle. :-)

  5. I would love to have a book that combines tipps for interior DIYs and how to take good photos of it, that would be the perfect book for me.

    Anyway, congratulations for having participated in this apparently great book and as being German and living in Barcelona your wouldn’t even have to spend on postage ;)

  6. Hi Gudy,

    Would love to win your book! I would like to contribute to a book about what bloggers eat. Kind of a cookbook of likeminded people from all over the world, with beautiful pictures and lovely stories. Now that I write this, I think I will start writing one today! Want to join me???

  7. Dear Gudy,

    congratulations on the book. What a bright and lovely office you have. I love the colored window panes.
    I’d love to contribute to a book that would help readers demystify color and encourage them to use it without fears. Color is such an easy way to add personality to a space.
    I wish you a lovely day!


  8. Hola Gudy!
    Ahí va mi propuesta…

    A mi me encantaría participar en un libro donde pudiésemos ver, chafardear, los objetos de los que la gente se deshace, se desprende. Porque motivo no los usa, no los quiere. Me encantaría ver como cambia la vida de la gente al largo del tiempo a través de las cosas que ya no tienen ningún uso en sus vidas.
    Porque los reciclan, los regalan, los tiran, los intercambian,…Porque creen que en manos de otros tendran una nueva vida, una nueva historia.

    Me parecería súper intetresante. Pero para nada planteado como un acto triste sino todo lo contrario.
    La llegada de un hijo, un segundo matrimonio, un cambio de país, un nuevo amigo, un viejo amigo, un trabajo, un viaje,…

    Yo lo viví con uno de mis hermanos. Se mudó a Australia buscando un futuro y tuvo que plantearse que hacer con sus cosas. Dió prioridad a unas, otras las metió en cajas y otras las regaló o tiró. ¿Por que decidió donde iban a parar aquellos objetos? ¿qué criterio “sentimental” usó para decidir que hacer con las cosas que habían llenado su vida hasta aquel momento?

    Besos y felicidades por un libro hecho con ilusión y que solo te puede traer cosas buenas!


  9. Congratulations :)

    What a new great Book in Stores :)

    Bin schon gespannt, was mich da erwartet…Falls ich nicht gewinne, kaufen werde ich es aufjedenfall :)

    Nochmals Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiter so :)

    Liebe Grüße

  10. I would love to contribute to a book about how to make your home beautiful without spending a lot of money – tips and advice and lots of DIY :)

    What a wonderful looking book – so excited about this giveaway! xxx

  11. Dearest Gudy – how FAB you got to contribute, loving the look of the book, and you look awesome btw;-)
    I’d love to write a book about how to life a healthy happy city life – with kids, visiting Mums in Europe :-)
    Fingers XXX I’d adore winning this book and I do speak German.
    Love Axx

  12. The book I dreamed about is going to be published this december if everithing goes like we planed. Together with my frend we are writing book about moderen Slovenian Artisians. It is going to be called “Messy workshop” and we are going to present aprox 35 artisians in their workplace. There is going to be a lot of nice photos to. I’m quite excited and in a big stress right now, our deadline is closer every day :).
    Love this book that you are presenting an are part of. Think is a great idea, to see how lifestile bloggers really live. Congrat for your contribution and I allso think the floor in your workingspace looks fab. i use to read a lot of art historian books in german, so I think I won’t have problems understanding text. I’m crossing my fingers for this giveaway, I simply adore books and magazines about interior.

  13. Gudy, the book sounds fabulous! I will try & get my hands on one! Can’t enter your competition unfortunately, but I too have ideas for a book! Thank goodness books are still popular! x

  14. Liebe Gudy, ich freu mich so für dich!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!! Deine Wohnung ist ein Traum :)

    Das Buch von dem ich träume, hat ganz viel mit meinem momentanen Lebenstraum zu tun: Ich würde gerne über mein kleines Haus mit Bauerngarten, 2 Ziegen, 2 Schafen und 5 Hühnern schreiben und wie ich dort Käse mache, Brot backe und dafür meine eigenen Kräuter und mein selbstangebautes Gemüse verwende…

    Küsse nach Barcelona!
    ♥ Inga

  15. Hi Gudy,

    This book looks absolute amazing! And you must be so proud to be part of it :-)
    I do read German and would absolute love to get my hands on a copy! Have a lovely and fruitful weekend Toni xx

  16. Hello Gudy,
    if I have to choose a book where I can contribute I would love to be in your next book!!!
    What do you think could it be possible a collaboration together?
    I hope so.
    By the way congratulations for this publication.

  17. Hi Gudy,

    The books sounds awesome. Congratulations! :)

    I would like to contribute to a baking book with cookie recipes.
    I also would like to contribute to a interior book but I think I should renovate before ;)


  18. Hi Gudy! Your workspace looks cool. Love the ancient floor, the play of light and white…very nice. And congrats for the book! Pretty amazing. I would love to contribute to a book only about the magic of colors…;-) joanna

  19. Hello, liked the book idea, reminded me on in print. The tipps for interior DIYs with very nice photography does it for me. It s a great idea, bloggers deserve their own print of contents and You made a great contribution to it. The contest is nice, but we will buy it anyhow. Thank You.

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