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Travel treasures: Moscow, Russia | Part I

Moscow has been a complete surprise to me. I did not expect that much beauty (and that pastel colored architecture!) concentrated in the very center of it. I had two days off before starting the trainings and was basically strolling through the pedestrian streets, visiting a local food market in the outskirts and a very cool hipster area called Strelka. But that’s another post.

I didn’t feel like visiting the Kremlin or any major monument since you spend a lot of time lining up to get into any place these days. It’s peak season! Ah, and I had a true crush on Matryoshkas. You see, they have all kinds of. I just can’t help it but my heart beats for artisan work! I was not so much interested in the souvenir type but loved the real artisan pieces locked behind glass and worth a little fortune since some families work on a set up to 6 month, I was told. I have been posting one per day on my IG stream during the trip.

Saint Bazil detail_2 | Eclectic Trends

Saint Bazil | Eclectic Trends


Saint Bazil detail_3 | Eclectic Trends

But you can’t leave Moscow without having seen Saint Basil’s Cathedral at the Red Square. During my days off the sky was all misty, it was pouring and I really wanted to have a picture with blue sky. At the end I managed to get a partly clouded one, getting up very early heading to the Red Square and then starting to work. It was all worth it!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Oh! Your pictures look amazing! Through your eyes Moscow looks like a city out of a fairy tale… I love that! I am glad you liked one of my favorite countries… And by the way, I love Matroshkas too even though they are such a tourist magnet. Even russians display them at home! Can’t wait for the second post!

  2. Gudy!

    Yo estuve en Moscú pasando un fin de año muy especial hace mucho. La ciudad me impactó. Ahora, pasados mínimo 8 o 9 años, creo ver otra ciudad. De colores suaves, románticos, contrastados, …, potentes!

    La noche de fin de año estuvimos en plena plaza Roja nevando a tope y con muy pocos turistas. Fué mágico.

    Tus fotos son verdaderas joyitas y me acabo de dar cuenta que debería volver en breve.



    1. ¡No me diagas que han cambiado los colores en este tiempo! Parece como si los edificios hubieran tenido estos tonos pastel de siempre.
      Si, ya lo decían en fin de año y navidades no hay casi nadie. Debe de ser por el frío?? xx

  3. Wow, beautiful colors and shapes in these pictures. I have never been to Moscow or Russia in general and find these impressions pretty surprising, too. More, please!

    1. Isn’t it? Same for me. But I have to say this was the very center around the Red Square, once you leave that area, as in any city, the impressions change quite a bit and everything gets more ‘common’ and even greyer…but still, they care about their main attractions a lot.

  4. Beautiful pictures, amazing architectures and those colors! Moscow and St Peterburgh have been on our wish list for a long time. While looking at your pictures, I suddenly felt we really need to go there. Looking forward for your next post on your Moscow trip (something in your text made me hope there was another one in line ;-) xx

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