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Travel treasures: Ten Over Six, Los Angeles

So, yes, I am in Los Angeles now! I had some me-time before the Modenus Blog Tour I have been invited to kicks off on Tuesday afternoon and we went with Geraldine to discover some hot spots suggested by the cool guys from Bookmarc



Ten Over Six is a kind of concept store gathering all things beautiful and covering fashion, art, jewelry, kids stuff, books and music.


Those arrows were so special and my highlight so far.


I can’t say I am feeling the LA vibe yet but wanted to dedicate an entire post to this place I felt very local and totally meets my expectations of what I thought LA would be.


I loved their concept of limited edition pieces, new (and no mass) designers, eco-friendly product and I believe they have an extraordinary well curated shop concept. Plus, everything is stocked in a white light filled gallery space.




If I had to set up a retail space, it would certainly be a concept store! Do you have any favorite?

How about some extra inspiration?

12 Responses

  1. Por Dios Gudy! Te has ido sin el baúl????

    Esas flechas, que pasada! Las gafas de sol, las colecciono, y las joyas, que bonita la pulsera tribal (en todos mis viajes me llevo una conmigo), la linea cosmética de Tana Harper, has visto esos zapatos bicolor!!!!!

    Este tipo de local es lo que persigo cuando viajo y lo que me encantaría tener en mi vida. Te lo digo en serio.
    Cosas bonitas, sin prisas, con alma y dedicadas a gente que lo aprecia. Bestial!

    Disfruta y continua compartiendo maravillas! Me encanta!



  2. What a lovely space Gudy. I especially love how the jewellery is encased in the pentagon shaped enclosures and all the colourful products just pop against that white backdrop. I can’t wait to read more. xD

    1. I’d love the pentagon shaped showcases to take with me. Aren’t they the perfect release for the oval domes we have been seeing for a while now?

    1. The day light is amazing and you should see the colors at sunset. The whole city is glooming in pinks and blues! xx

  3. Oh I’m itching to go to LA, only a recent thing but suddenly when a place had no apparent appeal to me, I’ve had loads of people tell me about how very cool it is. Love this concept store, like Caroline, the light alone is wonderful and then all of those objects of desire. Look forward to reading more! Enjoy Gudy:) Mel xx

    1. It’s been a total surprise to me too since I had no real expectations and did not exactly know what to look for. I preferred asking locals once here what to visit instead of researching and that was probably the best choice! (isn’t it always?)

  4. What a nice place, and it looks very LA-like to me (I’ve never been there) The light is amazing. I’ve come across these kinds of arrow in california based vintage stores on etsy a couple of times now, seems to be something local, I’ve never seen them anywhere around here.
    Ganz viel Spaß noch, liebe Gudy, genieße die Zeit!

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