Trend Lecture Program 2017/18

Gudy Herder lectures on international trade shows and design events on Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends.

In it she not only discusses new color trends, forms and materials, but also points out socio-cultural references and the connection with new technologies.

The agenda of the trend lecture program will be updated throughout the year.


Trend Lecture-IMM17-Gudy Herder

JUNE, 14 

4 Lifestyle Trends 2017/18 

Barcelona Design Week City. Lecture in Spanish.




3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends Autumn/Winter 2018/19

IMM 2018 – Cologne, Germany –  Lecture in English.

3 Lifestyle Trends A/W 2018/19 Gudy Herder

If you are interested in learning about upcoming product and consumer trends through an in-house lecture, please get in touch. A trend lecture program can be booked in English, German or Spanish.

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