Trend Lectures 2017/18

Gudy Herder lectures on international trade shows and design events on Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends.

In it she not only discusses new color trends, forms and materials, but also points out socio-cultural references and the connection with new technologies.

The agenda of the trend lecture program will be updated throughout the year.

Trend Lectures 2017/18



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A trend lecture can be booked for design schools, design events or in-house conferences in English, German or Spanish.

If you are interested in learning about upcoming product and consumer trends, please get in touch.


Gudy makes the audience hang on her lips. When listening to her, you have the feeling time is much too short for the deep knowledge of zeitgeist she is laying out to you.

Dr. Marcella Prior

In everything she does, be it trend lectures or consulting, Gudy is thorough and professional, and always manages to capture her audience and engage with them. She is always up to speed on trends and how to convey them correctly to whatever audience she is speaking to.

Helle Tjaberg

Implementing interior design trends in product development is the real challenge. And that is exactly what Gudy’s lectures are about.
She gives sound suggestions and at the same time manages to bridge between the abstract and reality. Entertaining and extremely useful - this is how lectures should be.

Andreas Tippel