3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends 

Spring/Summer 2019

The Digital Trend Book Of

How can you be certain any trend is relevant for your business if you don't know THE WHY behind?

Would you like to not only visually grasp a trend but actually understands its origin? 

This digital trend book has been crafted during our bi-anual Trend Think Tank with the help of experts from different creative areas to set one general direction we call the ONE BIG IDEA.

Not only will you gain insights on product and design, but understand what drives 

a large percentage of end consumers today who relate to any of these three trends.

As a result of their needs and values, three Key Trends stand out which are represented through visuals, material, pattern and shape definitions, drivers and color palettes that will help you to take design and communication decisions.

The Digital Report comes with a Triple Bonus of Worksheets, Additional Trend Inspiration and the Milan Design Week 2018 Round-Up.

All trends are linked under an umbrella theme or ONE BIG IDEA which describes social, cultural and consumer trends that allow you to understand how these trends were born and can be translated.

Sneak Peek-SS!9-Trend Report by Eclectic Trends

See a few pages here:

The digital trend book includes three key trends for Spring/Summer 2019. Each theme is supported by clear product direction pages containing original imagery divided in Lifestyle Inspiration and Interior Design Focus references.

Each trend comes with a palette of 10 colors including Pantone and NCS color codes.

In addition, we suggest 4-5 possible color combinations within that range to apply.

We will share a few insights with you when it comes to understand Consumer Expectations of each theme and give you tips of how to Translate Design Features.

This Trend Report is thought as an inspiration and functional tool. We challenge you to take notes on our Key Takeaways exercises after each chapter and step right into action with your team.

"Our awareness of and action on circular economy and the waste we produce is steadily increasing. Slow Living became Conscious Living, we are now entering into the era of Upgraded Consciousness, which can not, even remotely, be compared to a trend but a life philosophy.

We are moving from a ME movement, where the focus is on optimizing oneself towards a WE movement. However small the WE is, the idea of interconnectivity is growing rapidly, so much so that by the end of this decade we will see an evolution from a WE towards an OMNI era in which, we as a population, are all somehow linked." - Excerpt from the SS19 Trend Report

This Trend Report is for you if:

  • you would like to deepen your knowledge about a trends' origin 
  • you want to stand out as a dynamic brand or designer who can argument precisely on design decisions
  • your goal is to position yourself in a unique and powerful way towards your ideal clients
  • you grow your business in a way that is in alignment with upcoming Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends

What will you get?

  1. 3 Key Trends
  3. + 70 Key Visuals
  4. 3 Color Palettes with NCS + Pantone Color Codes
  5. 14 Suggested Color Combinations
  6. Material, Shapes, Patterns
  7. Emotional & Rational Drivers
  8. Consumer Expectations (what designers and brands have to keep in mind) 
  9. Translating Design Features (our recommendations for you)
  10. Worksheets  (to start taking action)
  11. Bonus Content I - Printable Worksheets
  12. Bonus Content II - Additional Trend Inspiration
  13. NEW: We are currently working on a Milan Design Week 2018 Round-Up which will be uploaded soon.

In a nutshell:

More projects, ideas, concepts


Digital Trend Report


Printable Worksheets

3 Macro Trends that stood out in Milan this year

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Price: 390€ 


Note: If you would like to attend Gudy's trend lecture in Barcelona (in Spanish) on June, 14, please let us know. Anyone who has purchase this trend report is cordially invited.

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