An obstacle for many businesses in the Interior Design&Lifestyle field today is

“How to get concise information about future trends that are relevant to my business?”

And once industry specific data is gathered, the next major question is: how to involve our teams to transmit up-to-date trend information to end consumer channels?

A certainly compelling and entertaining way to bring this information to life is through an in-house trend talk giving clients the confidence to make the right decisions.

Mood board sessions can be offered to work on tailor-made trend decisions to gain clarity during a creative process and to use this technique to communicate with third parties, being internal (in-house departments) or external (end consumer).

Moodboarding B2B

Moodboarding B2C


Mood Board Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed for product, purchase and design departments interested in organizing the overload of today’s visual information to the essential for internal purpose or working with 3rd parties. The participant gains clarity in a creative process and learns a very effective tool to be used in future operations. The course can be adapted to suit corporate requirements.

What you get:

  • clarity during a creative process
  • how to use a mood board as a communication tool
  • how to organize and structure abstract concepts into tangible ideas
  • how to develop collections, ad campaigns, specific designs, etc. from scratch
  • how to work in a creative way combining intuition and moreover, strategy
  • how to pre-visualize a result and get a reality check before production starts
  • team building, it’s about getting away from the screen and be creative together


work with me -masterclass

This course is thought for any creative professional who needs a tool that allows to visualize a story and communicate ideas with more confidence. Concise and compelling storytelling is essential if you want to pitch a client and sell your project. Gudy helps you to focus down through a mood board to get a clear and attractive message across that sells. She facilitates a process, but it is the participant who creates his/her own project during that day.

What you get:

  • a 3-steps-program that guides you through the concept and curating process
  • 4 techniques of how to structure your mood board getting a clear message out
  • group exercises and feedback of your work
  • how to use a mind-mapping template for defining your keywords
  • what materials to use when
  • storytelling to use when pitching any project

On-site courses in 2016 can be found on the workshop site.

Trend Expertise


It’s not enough to spot a trend. But you need to understand where and how trends will merge and moreover, which opportunities they will present to you.

Trend Scouting

Trend Scouting on international trade shows to be ahead of the curve can be time-consuming for any company. Often it is critical, too to find the right  exhibitors and precise information. Gudy travels several days a year to the most important European trade shows (IMM Cologne, M&O Paris, Salone del Mobile, Première Vision) and sums up relevant trend information tailored (or not) to company needs.

What you get:

  • a detailed trend report upon former briefing adapted to your specific field
  • a general overview of the trade show
  • 3-4 micro trends spotted at the current edition
  • colors, innovation and young talents report
  • videos upon request

Trend Talks

Trend Forecasting notifies the industry on what is to come and helps retail businesses and designers sell their brands. You can hire Gudy for internal company trend talks or public conferences where she sums up Interior&Lifestyle trends with 12-24 month ahead. In a next step, how to translate these trends into further product developments can be discussed.

What you get:

  • insights on upcoming Micro and Mega Trends on Interior Design &Lifestyle
  • customised talks to suit client requirements if requested
  • a trend presentation packed with loads of visual content of how other brands and designers are tapping into these trends
  • ppt version of the talk to review, customize and/or replicate the session with other colleagues


For more information and discuss tailor-made programs, please contact below. Thank you.