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DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

Hello dear Eclectic Trend readers! It’s Mette from monsterscircus and I’m popping in to share the last Eclectic Trend DIY with you this year. The project today is really easy and requires no more than simple creativity and whatever supplies you have on hand.

Whether you have decorated the Christmas tree and hung out decorations or haven’t started yet there’s time for a quick project and that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today, so let’s jump into it.



Light Bulbs

Christmas ornaments


Glue gun

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations 

Step 1.

Cut ribbon to desired length

Step 2

Apply glue on the light bulb metal connection

Step 3

Press ribbon to the light bulb end


Step 4

Add an ornament on the other end of the ribbon

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

And that’s it! So, if you do like me reusing the same Christmas ornaments year after year this is a great way to spice up the old ones and recycle your old light bulbs.

If  you decide to give this a try and hang heaps of these on your tree, it’s bound to get some extra attention.

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

I hope you can agree with me that restyling with things you already have at home doesn’t makes ready-made items look worse.

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

Thank you so much for reading, and I’m wishing you all a calm and heart warm Holiday and that the New Year turns out to be a very special one for you  – hope to see you all next year!

Before you go it would be lovely to hear if you winterised your home? Or made any recycled Christmas decoration? Happy Holidays!

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

Please see former DIY projects from Mette here. You’ll probably have a hard time to pick one favorite. G, x 

How about some extra inspiration?

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