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3 Christmas Trends – Get your free ebook!

3 Christmas Trends 2016 - The free ebook via Eclectic Trends.pag

This year instead of highlighting craft or decorating ideas such as wreath, brush bottle trees, etc, I have wrapped up all information in 3 styles or if you prefer, trends. Though that’s not the same concept, the 3 Christmas Trends 2016 refer to different ways of living the Christmas season mostly influenced by its origin.

You’ll see European and US ways of celebrating the festive time, and both have their own characteristics. The report comes this year in form of a downloadable ebook.

3 Christmas Trends 2016 - The free ebook via Eclectic Trends

Studio DIY

Apart from 36 images of trending ideas and inspirations, you’ll find several links to ongoing Christmas decor that is very much on spot this year and links to fab tutorials.

Please get your free ebook HERE. We hope you like it and find it useful and inspirational. G, x


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