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3 Color Trends 2021 from Brazil

3 Color Trends 2021 Suvinil Rescue-Eclectic Trends

We have shared color trends from paint companies for several years now, but paint company Suvinil was not on our radar until now. Color consultant Michell Lott has been in charge of the creative direction, and being a huge fan of his work; we’re happy to share today 3 Brazilian Color Trends 2021 and its palette of 38 colors.

Colors as an antidote

We live in an era that will remain in our memory, most likely for the rest of our lives.
Masks, chaos, and social isolation, icons of a pandemic that hit everyone, share a place in our mind, changing the perception about the world and ourselves.
Changes come with learning; this is an opportunity to leave old habits, too. In a moment of acceleration, color works as an antidote.
Colors are the daily dose of presence, warmth, and energy we need. When we paint our home, our most intimate space, we color the days, months, and lives.
Opening a new universe of possibilities of sensations and emotions often come through new hues we embrace.

If we embrace the present as it is, we’ll have the key to understand the importance of details, we can learn how colors have a direct impact on us. They are energy and can transmit peace, serenity, joy, movement, light, and shadow. It is the daily dose of vigor we need.”
Sylvia Gracia, Suvinil




Driven by plurality and the act of storytelling through the use of colors, Suvinil endorses its trends study with three main themes that baptize and build the rationale of his palettes for 2021.




In the midst of chaos, in the past, we sought references for comfort and inventiveness. We find the cave beings’ image, and, inspired by their primitive and manual aesthetics, a palette of raw, organic, and desaturated colors appear. They bring us refuge, connect us with nature, and open space for us to transform our homes into a sanctuary of safety and self-care.

Inspired by images of primitive beings and their manual aesthetics, a raw, organic palette with desaturated color emerges as a direct translation. These hues bring us refuge, connect us with nature, and allow us to transform our homes into a sanctuary of safety and self-care.

The Rescue palette portrays the search for ancestral simplicity as a great reference that connects people, regardless of their profiles. This atmosphere frames the curatorship with organic and pigmented whites, alluding to the primitive shape of the white caves, a figure that bears universal symbols of birth, death, and rebirth – and that served as protection against external threats.

1.1. Organic and pigmented whites

Show a less art gallery, and more sanctuary feel seek for reference in minerals, animal hair, and flower petals.

1.2. Desaturated yellows

They come inspired by natural fibers and the rich craftsmanship that permeates Brazilian regionalism.

1.3. Woody browns

As if they were removed from the sophisticated or rustic use proposed by the woods, these hues are warm and comforting.

1.4. Smokey burnt and natural greys

They symbolize the charcoal that purifies things and the burnt wood from the campfire, and other symbols connected to the rituals.

Brazilian Color Trends 2021 By Suvenil-Eclectic Trends

Brazilian Color Trends 2021 By Suvenil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Trends 2021 Suvinil Rescue-Eclectic Trends

Brazilian Color Trends 2021 By Suvenil-Eclectic Trends





Inspired by the present, which requires care for ourselves and the planet, the CONSCIOUSNESS palette is organic and a tad desaturated. They welcome nature’s energy as a counterbalance to much use of technology. Earthy reds, the blues of the sky, hues that allow us to focus, and filtered greens are here to remind us that there is no separation between us and our environment with our head pointing towards the sky and our feet well grounded.

2.1. Reds and Earth Hues

As in spicy meals in the right measure, red and earthy tones reminding us of ancestral tones, bring warmth, and remind us that we are alive.

2.2. Blues of the Sky

When observing the chromatic harmonies of a natural landscape, we realize that blue is always present; it brings balance when used alongside warmer nuances.

2.3. Concentration and Happiness

In record time, kitchens, living rooms, or guest rooms had to become home offices; these low vibration hues bring brightness and joy without taking away the focus we need.

2.4.  Tempered Greens

Like the leaves, juices, and oils we consume, the greens in this palette have a nourishing capacity.

3 Color Themes 2021i-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021i-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021i-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021i-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021-Consciousness-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021-Consciousness-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021-Consciousness-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends

3 Color Themes 2021-Consciousness-Suvinil-Eclectic Trends





Optimism becomes an inhabitant of our homes when we start looking at the infinite possibilities we contemplate in the digital universe.  3D digital images of environments went beyond architecture and became tools to connect to a world of dreams. Once these prototypes served only as a graphic representation, today, they incorporate a utopian refuge and idealize artistic images of impossible habitats, exuberant natures, futuristic temples, and a broad take on spatial design.

3.1. Twilight Roses and Lilacs

The pink millennial got dark. The delicate millennial pin has lost saturation, shifting slowly into a palette of lilacs we’ve been observing since 2019 getting more popular. What emerges from this evolution is a twilight gradient, worthy of a moment that we all look at with poetry: the sunset. Thus a palette of soft and happy, introspective, and optimistic tones materialize, as well as the colors of the sky that connect a day that ends and the night that begins. During the quarantine, thousands of photos of pink skies took over every day on social media. Those few fleeting minutes, frozen through technology in contemplative images, became the symbol of a generation that rediscovered poetry in the contemplation of the simple. 

3.2. Aquas

We think of paradisiacal seas, ponds, but also virtual scenes created in video games and technology. Even in smaller doses wandering between blue and green, they bring joy and energy, and lastly, hope.

3.3. Energetic Brush Strokes

A creative impulse took over many of us during a confined DIY time, launching us into new projects at home, made with our own hands, exploring sensory pleasure. Without fear of making mistakes – or rather, with the courage to experiment – distinctive tones in the homes of many, they began to dye walls with artistic panels, give new life to renovated furniture or decorate cushions and art objects.


Color Trend 2012-Connection-Suvinil




Day and night. Sky and earth. Real and virtual. Before and after. Our color of the year takes us to a place between worlds. It represents everything that will be, but that, at the same time, is not the same as we knew it. When watching a sunset, we see a color spectrum that separates day and night and prepares us for tomorrow. The tone we chose for 2021 lives lies in the middle of this twilight gradient.
We saw the sunset become a symbol of hope during the pandemic. Shared thousands of times through social networks with our smartphones in hand, we want to freeze that image and keep that magical moment for us that we had forgotten to appreciate. Nostalgic, a little apprehensive, but naturally optimistic, we learn to look for small beauties in life in this process.

What if that color, in the middle of the sunset, could stamp hope on our walls? Half-light is a link between dreams and reality. It shares with us its changing character: we are not just one thing, we don’t know where we are going, but we are in constant motion. Whether on the walls of our rooms or living rooms, ateliers or pantries, gardens or corridors, the color of 2021 reminds us that we can carry our dreams wherever we go. Even though, for now, our wanderings are still in the rooms of our homes, very soon, they will take us to more beautiful places than we dare to dream.

Color-of-the year-2021-subvinil-hal-light-eclectic-trends-2

Color-of-the year-2021-subvinil-half-light-eclectic-trends-2

Photography: André Klotz|Nani Rodrigues e Marcos Lôndero | Creative Direction: Michel Lott

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