3 Color Universes 2020 by Norwegian company Jotun

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Like every year, we love to share the inspiring annual color proposals presented by our favorite Norwegian paint company. Last year they called their novelties still trends, this year, however seeing a different take, we’d like to introduce you to 3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun dedicated to welcome a new decade.

These 12 colors come with a specific purpose:

“They are infused with hope and determination. They can represent our aspirations to learn or travel more. Our intention to be more mindful or meditative; our resolve to give ourselves space to create and license to dream.”

- Lisbeth Larsen, Global Color Manager, Jotun



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This collection is dedicated to the arrival of a new decade, interpreted as a chance and opportunity to1// be more mindful, 2//learn and explore, and 3//dream free from judgement.

Based on the purpose Lisbeth Larsen gives to each of the 12 colors of 2020, we have divided them into 3 Color Universes, following the 3 aspects of our lives:


This scheme helps us to find stability to feel well with and within ourselves.

Color Universe 2020 Jotun Meditative State Of Mind | Eclectic Trends

From TL to BR:

HUMBLE YELLOW is the hue of the listeners. Smooth but sophisticated, Humble Yellow allows other accents to shine while disappearing into the background.

EXHALE evokes the stillness and silence of one of the four elements: water. It’s a tint that invites you to find more time during the day. It’s always possible to stop for a second and inhabit the moment; sometimes, a deep breath is enough to refresh and recalibrate.

SERENE BLUE represents the line where sky and sea meet. It is a soft color that evokes freedom. Confident but complementary, Serene Blue sets the mood of the room while giving space to other accents and objects.

GROUNDED RED reconnects with the earth, helping us draw strength and the stability needed from the ground beneath us. This warm shade of red has been a longtime favorite in the interior design scene and can transform the space into a protective cocoon.

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Humble Yellow | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Exhale| Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Serene Blue | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Grounded Red | Eclectic Trends



This group helps us to cultivate our intellect, pushing us to wonder and explore.

Color Universe 2020 Jotun Aspiration to learn | Eclectic Trends

From TL to BR:

CURIOUS MIND, a chalky and versatile yellow tone, can act as a neutral or an accent depending on the demand of the space. Mature and decisive, the tone is for individuals who prize learning and aren’t afraid to explore and experiment with their life and color.

ADVENTURE is evoking the plains of Africa and inspired by the continent’s rich textile culture. These warm, earthy tones remind us that there is a whole world and new colors to explore and try.

FREE SPIRIT, a shade for wanderers of spirits and explorers of the minds, is a promise of exciting travels to come, echoing, the leaves of the jungle and the pristine waters of a lagoon.

WISDOM represents a dark and cosmopolitan shade, perfect for studies, libraries, and workspaces. It’s a shade that invites clear thinking in an atmosphere of suavity yet certain elegance.


3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Curious MInd | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Adventure | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Free Spirit | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Wisdom | Eclectic Trends




We see a color palette that allows the mind to wander free from constriction and judgments.


From TL to BR:

Color Universe 2020 Jotun Meditative State Of Mind | Eclectic Trends

LOCAL GREEN expands the horizons of the home, bringing in nature and greenery that surrounds us indoors.

LIVELY RED, a commitment to be playful and to let a little lightness in, encourages you to smile a bit wider. It’s a warm and energizing color that makes you feel safe while stimulating.

STATEMENT BLUE brings confidence and clarity to environments. This tone evokes serenity and infinite of an open sky and the profundity of a boundless ocean.

DAYDREAM is a muted plum-like shade; opulent and unusual, and ideal for rooms and spaces devoted to conversation, to let your thoughts flow where they will.


3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Local Green | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Lively Red | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Statement Blue | Eclectic Trends

3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun Daydream | Eclectic Trends

As always, the color palette is beautiful and shows the signature style of Jotun that is easily recognizable. Their catalog is tempting with warm and elegant hues; they are uncomplicated, accessible, yet sophisticated, and easy to imagine and use in your home.

In these complicated times, we desire to feel personal and professionally satisfied, follow our needs, taste, and style and
create homes and office spaces that help to thrive in the next decade.

Styling Kråkvik and D’Orazio, photography Line Klein Photography.

If you’d like to compare to the three trends they published the previous year and which are still very popular on Eclectic Trends to date, please have a look here: 2019 and 2018.


Also, if color is your thing:

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  • Madeline M Chapman
    August 6, 2020 at 11:25 pm

    I love the colors on p.27 of Jotun’s 2020 interior brochure, however I live in the US and have discovered no way to find out how to get these colors here. I don’t know anyone who has Jotun colors in their paint color database or anyone who sells Jotun interior paints here. Please help if you can!

    • Gudy Herder
      August 10, 2020 at 11:38 am

      Hi, we suggest as a short cut you contact Jotun directly, nobody better to get a direct answer. This seems to be a starting point: mailusa@jotun.com
      Best wishes!

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