3 examples of the perfect blend of styling and moodboarding

3 moodboarding style examples - Eclectic Trends

Have you noticed lately the fine barrier between styling and moodboarding? Many brands show their product ranges now photographed taking bird’s eye view pictures, and you can’t help but being reminded of a great mood board put together.

Todd mclellan photography mood board styling-Eclectic Trends

Todd mclellan photography mood board styling - Eclectic Trends

Styling Aliki Kirmitsi | Todd McLellan Photography

Today I want to show you 3 examples of the perfect blend of styling and moodboarding. Toronto-based artist,photographer and author Todd McLellan explores mainly series of very detailed photographs of dismantled objects. His still life images range from organized to chaotic, and from high-tech (a Blackberry, a MacBook) to low tech (a wagon, a bicycle) to beautiful commercial projects such as the series you see here. His book, “Things Come Apart” features 50 objects that have been arranged into compositions showing how gadgets work.

Mood board styling Lawton Miles - Eclectic Trends

Mood board styling Lawton Miles - Eclectic Trends

Lawton Miles Styling | Sully Sullivan Photography

Haus Interior’s candle collection, the boutique interior design firm wanted a way to describe smells to online shoppers beyond mere words. So the company hired Lawton Miles photographer Sully Sullivan to produce a collection of scent mood boards. Carefully curated, cleanly arranged objects fill in the emotions and contexts of a smell that words might miss.

Joanna Lavén for Plaza Interiör 
Swedish prop&set stylist Joanna Lavén has been created these gorgeous table top compositions. What are the common characteristics of the moodboard stylings?
  1. the new visuals work with geographic shapes, either on the backdrop or through all elements gathered together
  2. negative space is important so you can still appreciate the individual elements. Sometimes images are framed through negative space ( pic 1-2, 5-6)
  3. color is used both for design purpose and making the eyre rest. With so many elements to display, color has to be used in well structured way working out different shades within one color
  4. all of them have a focal point. Can you tell which?

I have gathered 8 different techniques in my online course when it comes to structure a mood board and all of them apply to this kind of product styling too. Hope you find it inspiring. G, x

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