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3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19

3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19 by Eclectic Trends

After a great pre-launch period (Thank you so much to all who subscribed during the past days!! We are very happy with the results!), we just wanted to let you know, the digital Trend Book on 3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19 is uploaded now and you can access anytime.

3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19 by Eclectic Trends

Today we would like to share with you a few more insights on each trend.

1// AURA

Society has become progressively conscious of the part it plays on this planet and how human actions have a direct impact on its status. More and more people are craving transformative experiences: travel has to change us profoundly, to add more to our lives.

Like intrepid explorers we search for meaning and enlightenment, setting off on adventures that recall tales of an ancient hero’s journey. Tailored mystical practices and the “SPIRITUAL but not religious” ethos are on the rise. 

AURA embodies a serene atmosphere that gives us a sense of equilibrium and helps us to relax and seize the necessary fortitude to face these times.

3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19 by Eclectic Trends

Charline Ronzon-Jaricot

Evanescense represents the need to include the ephemeral in our life. The project by Charline Ronzon-Jaricot is a glass apparatus designed to capture olfactory memories: at a chosen moment that is particularly meaningful for us, we will open the flask to release a drop of scent that will soak the plaster pebble. We will be able to recall the moment by simply scenting the pebble.



After a few years of focusing on bringing the outdoors in, being surrounded by the jungle/botanical experience and breathing in as much (Biophilic designed) air as possible, a shift is taking place; all eyes on the horizon are focused on the other most elemental source of life: WATER.

Water itself or the lack thereof, is the key driver for numerous artworks, designs, and installations.

If the element water serves as a source of inspiration, REFLECTION comes with it. But reflection is not only understood in a mirroring way, but meant to be a CRITICAL REFLECTION, creating awareness of the value of our most vital raw resource, which has always been completely taken for granted.

It comes as no surprise that forms are constant transformation: flowing, rippling, fluid, imperfect, so are designs which come accompanied by a beautiful color palette embracing the elements of air, water, earth, and fire.

3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19 by Eclectic Trends

Six N. Five

A group of creative individuals came together to design the co-existe series with their shared ability to reveal tranquil vignettes in an otherwise chaotic climate.

A consistent design language is carried throughout each image. The surrounding environments inform the materiality and shape of each sculpture, allowing the digital and natural to coexist.

Reflection plays a keyhole through water impressions or mirrored effects placed in invented landscapes that invite to dream and explore.


The growth of political instability and environmental concerns have generated feelings of uncertainty and a need for optimism and imagination.

Our perception of the world, especially if urban, as a cultural melting pot of influences and a hive of activities is augmented by 24-7 connectedness. This coupled with an ever-changing cityscape favours a dynamic and fluid reality, capable of generating an explosion of creativity!

Bold, anti-hierarchy responses build a sense of self and belonging: the city transforms into a playground, where human beings can connect with one another and experiment, touch and find the joy of exploring often through ultra-innovative materials.

3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19 by Eclectic Trends


Mellow collection is a living product that expresses a variety of situations in respond to the light extraordinarily. It was designed with inspiration from Art Print Impressionism in the late 19th century and expressed minimalist interpretation of techniques used by Impressionist painters such as the Color Split method. Blurred and transparent finishes are applied to different versions to make totally different atmospheres.

Through color gradation in the surface, refraction and reflection of light induces subtle changes in color tones, in the way they are appreciated. The mere contact and angle of view changes the experience every time.

If you’ d like to find out more, you can expect to learn about:


  1. 3 Key Trends

  2. ONE BIG IDEA that links all three trends

  3. + 80 Key Visuals

  4. 3 Color Palettes with NCS + Pantone Color Codes

  5. 14 Suggested Color Combinations

  6. Material, Shapes, Pattern definitions that allow you to translate into your own designs

  7. Emotional & Rational Drivers in a nutshell

  8. Consumer Expectations (what designers and brands have to keep in mind)

  9. Translating Design Features (our recommendations for you)

  10. Worksheets  (to start taking action)

  11. Bonus Content I – Printable Worksheets

  12. Bonus Content II – Additional Trend Inspiration you don’t want to miss

This Trend Book is thought for you if you

  • would not only like to visually grasp a trend but actually understands its origin. Your trend communication will change a 360º.

  • are interested in positioning yourself as an authority when it comes to talk trends and grow your business. You will stand out on a market where trends are often scratched only on the surface.

  • need to brief teams to develop new product lines or train solid sales arguments needed on the retail floor


Please see some more information on the digital Trend Book if you are interested now right here and drop us a line if you have questions:


3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends SS19



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