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3D Interiors Design by TerzoPiano

3D Design-Interior Details-TerzoPiano

 ‚Images which have a story to tell.’

Couldn’t you agree more by looking at these photos? TerzoPiano is an image productions studio and creative consultancy from Italy specialized in 3D Interiors Design. They create design images‚ through modelling and photorealistic 3D rendering, they realize videos and images for commercial campaigns and catalogues, from concept to executive development.

One of their stylists is Elisabetta Bongiorni, and today we are absolutely delighted to share two of her realized projects: MATERIALS AND SHAPES  and  INTERIOR DETAILS.

In all of her represented works Elisabetta focuses on angles, shapes and details and her stylings speak a minimalistic, yet effective language. Even though some of the images are focused on only a few objects, the compositions are very powerful.

The first project we would love to show is called MATERIALS AND SHAPES: it is a study on geometric forms with a few industrial references and a wide variety of dusty tones. This unexpected combination shows how materials and shapes can be translated into a surrealist and contemporary dialogue.

3D Interiors Design-Materials and Shape-TerzoPiano-Eclectic Trends

3D Interiors Design-Materials and Shape-TerzoPiano-Eclectic Trends

The second project by Elisabetta Bongiorno is called: INTERIOR DETAILS. This shows how a few glimpses on Interior details can create a deep atmosphere – classic and familiar references to traditional interior/architectural characteristics guide the eye of the observer and make it look ‚intimate and familiar – an emotional and aesthetic tale of space.‘

3D Interiors Design-Interior Details-TerzoPiano-Eclectic Trends

3D Interiors Design-Interior Details-TerzoPiano-Eclectic Trends

We are pretty sure that these few images have piqued your curiosity and you are going to take a look on their stunning work, but we are in a mood to spoil you and will show you a few images of other project, that we really loved.

3D Interiors Design-TerzoPiano-Eclectic Trends

3D Interiors Design-TerzoPiano-Eclectic Trends

I remember a few years ago when styling catalogs, that photo studios would start implementing 3D rendering service as a new way of saving costs for their clients. Back then however, the tech guy who knew a lot about rendering was not necessarily a styling expert at the same time, placing elements quite randomly in a scenery. Cost were lower but the overall feeling was often less than satisfactory. I am happy to see that true experts now taking over the art direction! G, x

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