4 Christmas Trends 2015

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Encased Nature-Eclectic Trends

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Encased Nature-Eclectic TrendsThis is the third year I am writing about Christmas Decorating Trends, and it’s always one of the most popular topics on the blog. Looking back, some of the trends for 2013 are still around such as advent calendars, flat trees, Nordic style in general and colored fans trees.

The big Christmas World fair takes place end January right after the festive season but I start observing Christmas trends not before October. Truth is, new ideas and tutorials are popping up pretty short termed during the festive month.

Christmas productions for magazines are often produced 12 month ahead, but in my experience it’s the blogger, stylist and DIY expert who is contributing in December always to the most exciting projects and setting trends.

There is nothing really new talking colors this year (monochromatic and very natural decorations are still trending) except for metal finishing since everything turns around brass and warm yellow gold shades. Copper has pretty much disappeared by now. Vintage pastels are getting stronger but my guess is there will be a wider use in 2016.

Let’s see now four Christmas Trends in 2015:


One of the most interesting decorations this season is all about creating your own little world in transparent baubles whether you go for a more natural look or are the kind of glamour and glitz fan with confetti and sparkle.

3 Christmas Trends 2015-Encased Nature-Eclectic Trends

monsterscircus tutorial on DIY botanical Christmas ornaments

3 Christmas Trends 2015-Encased Nature-Eclectic Trends

Love my dress

3 Christmas Trends 2015-Encased Nature-Eclectic Trends

The ornament girl

3 Christmas Trends 2015-Encased Nature-Eclectic Trends

One gift one world

I thought I ‘d show you rather natural elements this time – and a tiny exception with feathers – to be in line with the look&feel of all decor trends in today’s post (and to be honest, I am not that much a fan of fuss and frills either).

These ornaments are opened at the top and can be filled with smaller items such as rosemary, dried flowers, holly berries, rope or yarn, fake snow, quotes or glitter. If you go for a slightly larger objects such as the cacti on the third image, consider acrylic baubles in two parts. You can find them here.


After so many inspiring ideas, tutorials and proposals for wreath making over the past two years, it was about time to come up with a slightly different idea. You don’t necessarily work with a natural backing anymore as seen on image no.1 + 2.

But you could use an iron or bamboo ring (easily picked up at your local garden center) as a support for displaying greenery, twigs and branches.

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Half wreath-Eclectic Trends

Emily Thompson Flowers

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Half wreath-Eclectic Trends

The Merry Thought

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Half wreath-Eclectic Trends

The Merry Thought

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Half wreath-Eclectic Trends4 Christmas Trends 2015-Half wreath-Eclectic Trends

Curate and Display

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Half wreath-Eclectic Trends

Made from scratch

The trick is to use just half of the capacity and place your decoration sideways securing it with wire or at the bottom half of the ring or branches which I assume would bring more balance.

And how about combining two techniques such as wool hanging and wreath making in one? I’d love to see proposal no.3 with some other color, actually I am thinking of making my own (last-minute) design this year.


Speaking about wall decor, we’ll see this season either many different proposals of garlands or natural wreath. There is no limit for own creations in design and number of garlands you might want to hang. They look fantastic on a wall or hung up side to side above a festive table set up.

Here go a few proposals:

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Garlands-Eclectic Trends


4 Christmas Trends 2015-Garlands-Eclectic Trends

All the frills

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Garlands-Eclectic Trends

Petra Bindel

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Garlands-Eclectic Trends

Ruffled Blog

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Garlands-Eclectic Trends4 Christmas Trends 2015-Garlands-Eclectic Trends

Tine K Home

Your Christmas tree isn’t the only place to hang colourful ornaments. Instead of making a garland yourself and if you are not the crafting type, you could always add bought embellishments to a branch garland, too. I am not a garland type myself but I like the idea of having garlands made out of elements that are not necessarily festive giving them a new twist decorating with other merry objects.



One of the key Christmas lighting trend is definitely styling fine LED garlands in modern bell-jar vessels and glass boxes. This emerging trend uses strings of golden or silver fairy lights for a subtle but eye-catching display. Vessels can be placed in collections on windowsills or mantelpieces to enhance the look.

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Eclectic Trends

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

4 Christmas Trends 2015-Eclectic Trends

Curate and Display

4 Christmas Trends 2015-String Lights-Eclectic Trends

Sunday Suppers

Or you go for string lights with larger bulbs that come now in different finishings, see image no. 4+5.

Adding this festive glow with not too much extra decor is popping up everywhere this year and so easy to use thanks to the battery-powered solution. I found out when buying some string lights for my home and have been back at the store already in three different occasions :) I just love the festive and warm accent they give this year in several rooms in my home.

I hope you are having a wonder full pre-Christmas season! G,x

For more inspiration, ideas and decorating tips, see a few extra links below :

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Thank you for this great post. I especially love the garlands. I thought about Christmas decorating trends this year and I was not sure, if there are any specific ones besides black. Now I know.

    Merry Christmas!

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