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4 Color Trends for 2015 by Dulux

It is very inspiring to follow along color forecasts made by paint companies to see if they match your own forecast, expectations and knowledge. And I love observing the difference on varies markets. Dulux is a New Zealand based paint company, and for the first time I couldn’t agree more on an annual color forecast. From the beginning to the end. These are all colors that are already trending (and will be even more accepted in 2015), whether they have reached the final consumer or not and all four trends are perfectly created, defined and executed in my opinion!
What I find most interesting and inspiring is the fact there are two couples of creatives behind these four trends collaborating with the brand.


Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Wildland

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Wildland

UK born architects Ben Edwards and Juliet Moore relocated to Melbourne and partnered in 2009 to establish their design studio Edwards Moore. Together they have created for Dulux two themes. Wildland defines the influences behind the trend to be organic and with tactile references at fashion, furniture and handmade objects though understated, not glamorous or shiny in any sense. There is a moody feel with stormy skies evoking Australian landscapes, observing skies and nature, they discovered colors they wouldn’t even have thought about before.

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Wildland

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Wildland

According to Dulux, “driven by our basic need to connect with the environment around us, we surround ourselves with colors that reflect untamed landscapes from the harshest ice terrains to the wildest forests and mountains”.Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Wildland

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Wildland

The blueish colors remind me very much of STORM, a trend predicted by Global Color Research, I wrote about last year. Climate changes such as floods had been a big deal globally, leading to uncertainty and a certain surrealism reflected in hot and cold colors, bright and smokey shades.

Most of the color trends have shifted towards ‘dirtier’ colors meaning there is a certain percentage of black ink in it. Or quite the reverse, you find pretty bold colors (which would their trend #3).


The second theme is called Silentshift and transports us to another world and mood disconnecting from the surroundings where several pink shades invite us to embrace our inner pink.

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Silentshift

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Silentshift

The softer color palette allows us to create spaces with minimal pattern and contrast, inviting our mind to rest and be silent. We shift our approach to find a new balance between fast paced and slow living.

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Silentshift


Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Silentshift

Dulux states that “our digital demands require us to be forever alert. At risk of fatigue and overstimulation, we are taking time to pause, unplug and recuperate.”

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Silentshift

Color Trends 2015 Dulux - Silentshift

So if you thought pale pink and blush were coming to an end, you might think of embracing it as a color to stay for a while. What changes is a slight back and forth towards a more peachy approach, coral or grayish depending on the season.

In my opinion, pale pink and gray are still a double tone winner combo for the year to come and any other pastel hue combined with gray and even black to soften the romantic aspect will work too .

There are a couple of color trends more, both super interesting too and created by another designer team, just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive those tomorrow straight into your inbox. Don’t miss them, it’s really worth seeing the entire story. But meanwhile, let me hear, do you like the color palettes you are seeing here? G, x 

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  1. Hi, Gudy:

    I truly love these Trends, and as you say, some color combinations remind me of predicitions made by other forecasting services, as Globalcolor and AkzoNobel’s. My favourite is Silent Shift with its blues, mauves and pinks.

    Are you going to publish the next two Dulux Trends? I’m subscribed to your Newsletter yet, so I can’t do again. I hope to be able to read them!

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