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4 Color and Pattern Trends for AW 2013/14

I’d love to have sublines in the blog titles! This one would be:

And a dream came true!

But first: I had the pleasure to post already on decor8 with a sneak peek of the color and pattern trends for Fall/Winter 2013/14 developed by Global Color Research, a London based creative colour consultancy recognised internationally for its accurate color trend forecasting two years ahead. They publish a quarterly trend magazine called Mix Magazine and Mix Trends which is a color forecast book and a unique collaboration between leading international industry color specialists and the Global Color Research team.

I have met them at Pulse 2013 in London in May where they hold a trend conference and do have terrific news since then! I am going to be a member end August of their panel meeting where they invite international trend observers to transmit their feeling of upcoming trends. It is seriously a dream came true. I have wanted to do that for ages! I really feel by visiting quite a few trend shows, events and due to my frequent travels allover the globe (when giving my trainings), I do have developed a certain eye for what is new or different and love to share it.

But back to upcoming trends. The texts are the same as written for Holly but I do have some extra slides today which explain keywords and materials. There are 4 for the upcoming season: FLINT – STORM- CLASH- ALPINE

Color and pattern trends _ Flint

Color and pattern trends _ Flint colours

Color and pattern trends _ Flint keywords

Color and pattern trends _ Flint materials

We need to step back to an honest approach in design. There is a certain Neolethic style going back to our roots reflected by rich earth soil colours, warm neutrals and rust. Primitive aesthetics, organic and handmade themes, found objects meant to express our own personality. Sophisticated and soft, rough and ready are the opposites that play nicely together. Thick leathers, hemp yarns and rustic and fossil textures are key here.

Color and pattern trends _ Storm

Color and pattern trends _ Storm colours

Color and pattern trends _ Storm keywords

Color and pattern trends _ Storm materials

Climate changes such as floods have been a big deal globally, leading to uncertainty and a certain surrealism reflected in hot and cold colours, bright and smokey shades. Feminine is meeting masculine. Colours range from different blues evoking a storm mood to a softer sand, salmon and bright red, always aiming to combine hot and cold colours. Changing structures and ethereal layers given through semi-opaque layers are translated into cool tye dye effects, blurred and and monofilament weaves. Holographic and metallic touches add reflective qualitities, deep structures and deep monofilament weaves are key here.

Color and pattern trends _ Clash

Color and pattern trends _ Clash colurs

Color and pattern trends _ Clash keywords

Color and pattern trends _ Clash materials

The main message is that we need to be positive. Traditional design shall be reconducted in new colourways. Bold colours are mixed with pastels. Blacks are not black but got a dark blue underground. Tutti Frutti colours are combined with neutral colours such as dark brown so they still work in a luxury environment. Pattern on pattern with a “more is more” approach are the way to go. It is a very expressive trend with intermixed styles. Mother of pearl shall be observed with a shiny and reflective quality. Plastic is not used as a cheap material but high end due to innovative finishings. Bold wallpapers are key here.

Color and pattern trends _ Alpine

Color and pattern trends _ Alpine colours

Color and pattern trends _ Alpine keywords

Color and pattern trends _ Alpine materials

This trend brings the outdoors in, there is a need of comfort, of time, being together and a friendly approach to a real folk feeling. The colors are warm (reds) and natural (greens and brown). Materials such as cork and wood shouldn’t be hidden but enhanced and embraced in any design. It’s all about sustainability and renewing of energies. Organic material is used in an honest way to make people feel happy and healthy.

The comments at decor8 have been all quite different, there was no clear favorite out of the 4 trends and I have enjoyed a lot reading them. So, today it’s your turn (assuming we are not having the same readers:-) Or do we? Which is the trend you like best and why?

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How about some extra inspiration?

5 Responses

  1. Hi Gudy,

    What a wonderful news that is!
    As a color-specialist( for interior ) and trendwatcher myself I’m so happy for you to get this opportunity!! I truly admire your work and the things you share with us. I’m going to follow every step :-).
    So glad I’ve met you!! Many greetings from the Netherlands. Iris

  2. Congratulations, Gudy! They picked the right person, you really deserve it! And good to see that hard work and passion really do make dreams come true. I already commented on your color trend post over at decor8. But again: Congratulations!

  3. Oh I am so very happy for you Gudy!!! I think I’m a trend spotter also because I spotted you as being “the” trend forecaster with all of trade shows you go to;-) Loved your post over at Decor8 and hope to visit you there also on a regular basis. Congratulations, you really deserve it! Mel x

  4. Gosh, I love a bit of trend forecasting. Being a huge fan of Mix Magazine and Mix Trend and the older Interior View (do you remember)? I can’t wait to read them.

    What a great job you have. You know, whilst in Selfridges on the weekend they actually don’t stock Mix Mags any longer as their magazine space has been cut! Most disappointing!

    Not sure I can choose – love it all really.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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