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4 Gift Wrapping Trends For Christmas 2014

4 gift wrapping trends Christmas

There are many trends that are taking over from last year, and it’s difficult to strictly separate them. You’ll find in one section elements which belong as well to the following theme. It’s pretty monochromatic too this year (it seems pastel colors have disappeared but the exception of some blush from here and there).

1// Personal Pictures For Gift Tagging

Instagram has a huge influence when it comes to DIY projects, mood boards and gift tags. I have been seeing many igers printing their most cherished images and use them as gift tags already last year, and I believe we are going to see much more this season. And if it’s not a picture you have taken personally, it might have a polaroid style (image 2).

5 gift wrapping trends Christmas


By the way,  silk paper is hot too, fragile and not recommend for larger transports but trendy! This one is probably black but how lovely would it be in midnight blue?

gift wrapping trends Christmas


gift wrapping trends Christmas


gift wrapping trends Christmas


5 gift wrapping trends Christmas


2// Kraft Paper And Natural Elements

Is there anything more stylish right now than using brown paper? We see it mostly coming in natural (but there is some white too). Actually kraft paper is the red thread theme through all wrapping trends I am writing about today. It’s easy to use, timeless, you have countless possibilities to convince with your personal style whether it’s sticking to the natural raw aspect or ‘up-cycling’ it with rich velvet,  grow grain ribbon, stamp it or use golden elements. This is what I believe has made it so popular: the variety of final touches you can just give it. However, this year there is a huge trend towards natural elements.


Shannon Kirsten

Feathers are again quite trendy or they probably are already timeless, often dipped in golden glitter paint or cut out from paper and wash taped. See these tutorials here and here.

gift wrapping trends Christmas

Go forth 

I love the speckled paint idea. Why not trying a different color? That could be nice in gold too.

gift wrapping trends Christmas

Elisabeth Heier

5 gift wrapping trends Christmas

The Lilypad Cottage

4 gift wrapping trends Christmas

Local Milk

You can learn how to spray paint and make this version of wrapping paper on her site.


Here we have different types or fabric: Furoshiki the Japanese folding technique Furoshiki (it means Japanese bath spread and derives from the traditional practice of using them to bundle clothes while at the sento or public baths) and which I love, is very eco-friendly since you use the wrapping cloth again. There is not too much going on for now but I expect to find much more in the upcoming weeks and next year.

Meanwhile there are other fabric options such a linen, cotton and stencilled burlap:

5 gift wrapping trends Christmas


5 gift wrapping trends Christmas

Local Milk

4 gift wrapping trends Christmas

Trinette and Chris

5 gift wrapping trends Christmas

Glen Proebstel

5 gift wrapping trends Christmas



I will not write about b&w only as this was last years’  trend but there is still much going on. What used to be a traditional colorful season mainly in red and green has become much more monochromatic. End users just start to adapt to black and white slowly, and I expect to still this color combo still in 2015 (that’s what happened with copper, it took quite a time to make it a commercial success). For Scandinavian markets there is no news or trend here but other cultures certainly ‘march to a different beat’. Today we’ll see b&w combined with gold which is not considered as a festive trend only but overlaps to other disciplines too.



5 gift wrapping trends Christmas

Penny Paper Co

ferm living


4 gift wrapping trends Christmas


I like this version above a lot, it’s less classic due to the kraft paper and quite creative. Which is your favorite trend and how are you going to wrap this year? G, x

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7 Responses

  1. Your post is so in tune with today’s #7vingettes theme “wrap it up”. If only the entrants knew about this post before!!! My favourite two would have to be the Japanese fabric wrap and then craft paper, I’ve always loved it and that and white butchers paper is usually the one we use the most. Big hugs! Mel x

  2. What a wonderful post! So many great ideas. I love a natural colour scheme for Christmas. The kraft paper with natural elements are a personal favourite of mine :)

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