4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa

4 Interior Design Trends by Finsa_4

I am excited to share 4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa, and if you are on our newsletter list, you can win the printed version which comes in 5 individual booklets. It’s open world-wide, and we are giving away five copies. But before we dive into these trends, let us introduce you to Spanish wooden manufacture Finsa: they are the leader on the Spanish market when it comes to surface design for the interiors industry covering melamine faced chipboards, MDF, wood veneer, plywood, mouldings, kitchen cabinets, furniture components, laminate flooring – you name it. And if you attended the Salone del Mobile, you have definitely seen their collaboration with Envisions which has been all over the news this year.

This year’s theme is States of Minds and Matter.


British trend agency Color Hive has analysed and defined the ways in which we live and consume, enabling an understanding of how social and cultural changes can impact the world around us. Responding to this inquiry, they have outlined teaming up with Finsa four trends and driving factors that provide context for a proper product design research in the hard surfaces design industry.

Please see as a result four different States of Mind and Matter such as WONDER, EXPLORE, MASTER & REFLECT.


Firstly, we Wonder and embrace the unknown, taking confident steps into the future of design, feeling encouraged to venture into the intangible and the physical worlds.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends


Referencing new environments, Wonder embraces change with a fluid transience that embodies the positive steps we are taking forward. As we live in a world in constant transition, this theme has a ‘can do’ attitude that sees these changes as an opportunity to reinvent and re-form with our minds firmly set in the future. Referencing innovative technical themes and architecture that enables flexibility between the tangible and the unknown, Wonder encourages exploration into new worlds. This trend is a dreamland, with a futuristic and optimistic undertone which the colour palette mirrors. Ethereal tones reference an interest in translucency and light effects. The barely-there tints mix with tones of a definitive positivity in a story which echoes our need to discover and revel in the undefined future.


4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

Saerom Yoon’s ‘Crystal Series’ focuses purely on color and transparency with an acrylic resin structure and refracted colorful effects.


Embracing the unknown, this story references futuristic design and in particular technological advances such as three-dimensional printing
and virtual reality. Here, we question how these developments impact our changing environments. Transient design and transparent architectural structures that allow fluid movement between spaces are explored. Reflective and engaging materials with immersive and interactive qualities are central to this theme and further develop the concepts of innovation.


4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

TeamLab creates an immersive environment in their ‘Transcending Boundaries’ project; exploring the cross overs between digital and physical worlds.

This mirrored room divider by Zieta encourages interaction with our surroundings by offering an intriguing and reflective surface that plays with light.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

With color gradients and blurred effects we can enhance our environments and create a fluid sense of transient movement between spaces.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

Emma Wessel’s graduate collection ‘Hide and Seek’ blurs the boundaries between the worlds of fashion and interior design.


Venturing confidently into the unknown, the Wonder color palette offers an atmospheric, ethereal feel that conveys an important positive message of the future. Dream-like colours of pale pink, sugary yellow and powdered mint green combine with the dark purple, which acts to ground the other synthetic shades. These transient tones offer a lighter-than-air feel but with a quietly powerful message that looks to the undefined and otherworldly for inspiration.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder_ via Eclectic Trends



2// Explore

It’s all about pushing the boundaries, adopting a bold maximalist approach and breaking any previous rules. We celebrate what is bright and confident within the design world.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends


Responding to the increasing presence of minimalist design, Explore has a contrasting bold and maximalist approach. This is a lively and triumphant story in which diversity is celebrated. Breaking boundaries, this trend has joyful and positive roots that challenge design to go beyond the norm. Referencing diverse cultures from the increasingly globalised world, this story puts aside inhibitions and embraces different ways of living by appealing to all the senses with a colourful and upbeat approach. Explore is inspired by surface treatments that add enhancing effects such as abundant pattern, hectic and lively images, and most importantly, statement colours. The colour palette thrills the senses with vibrant shades that stir up excitement. This story focuses on the celebration of life and embraces confident design, full of colour and resolute in spirit.


Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

Yinka Ilori’s work ‘If Chairs Could Talk’ is compiled of up-cycled vintage furniture, inspired by traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics.


Looking to attention grabbing color combinations, this trend has an open mind when it comes to design. Taking note of unexpected material combinations in a mix and match style, Explore embraces clashing colour and aesthetics. This trend highlights the importance of merging cultures and bold patterned textiles, which can include hidden imagery, messages and rich layered decorative qualities. Hard and soft surfaces interact, resulting in unexpected outcomes that surprise and inspire. This story champions confident and challenging design that encourages experimentation.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

‘Palettes’ by Emma Wessel play with colour, pattern, materials and varied functions (left).

Industrial designer Kim Ramain-Colomb’s searching for a new approach to design, brightly packaged Habibi cosmetics range is based on traditional Moroccan make-up (right).

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

Celebrating surface treatments that excite the senses with an upbeat approach, including playful material finishes and color combinations.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

Giving new life to previously unwanted fabric scraps, Simone Post’s rugs utilise remnants from the Dutch brand Vlisco’s African fabrics collection.


The statement colors of Explore offer a bright and bold palette. Inspired by maximalist design and abundant pattern, these vibrant shades of cyan blue, sun yellow, tangerine, forest green and scarlet area powerful, upbeat mix of shades. Unapologetically optimistic, these tones are combined with a neutral off-white and true black for a much needed balance. Joyful and bold these colors embrace and celebrate our expression of individuality.Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_EXPLORE_via Eclectic Trends


We Master our craft and evoke an elegant and luxurious approach. Looking to traditional techniques and only what is refined to the highest standards, we seek to conquer our doubts and fears.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic Trends

Giacomo Moor’s ‘Timber Kit’ is designed to contain six basic tools for the job of every carpenter; this work explores the age-old skills of carpentry and places traditional tools into a new context.


This story abandons the clumsy, folksy connotations of craft and instead adopts a high end, luxurious approach with materials that are subtle, elegant and refined. Master embraces the extraordinary heritage of traditional craft, looking to achieve levels of technical perfection by hand, which would not be possible to replicate in mass production. Master is inspired by the world of couture and essentially this is a trend about escaping from the outside world. Seeking inspiration in nature, raw materials and craft that abandons anything rough-and-ready, this trend instead focuses on exquisite finishes and refined aesthetics. Colours are soft, sensual yet rich with depth, inspired in part by the natural world but chosen for their stealth luxe connotations. This theme offers only the most exclusive and quality options for design.


4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic Trends

Giacomo Moor’s ‘Timber Kit’ is designed to contain six basic tools for the job of every carpenter; this work explores the age-old skills of carpentry and places traditional tools into a new context.


Refinement at the highest level is what this trend seeks, where detailed and intricate work with rich surfaces and quality finishing is key. Master celebrates time-consuming traditional handcrafts and age-old methods that demand respect. Wood parquet, weaving and hand embroidery are expert craft techniques that reflect this opulent story. With elegance and sophistication, these designs respect materials and have a polished approach to design, offering high-end outcomes and luxurious aesthetics.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic Trends

‘The Half Chair’ designed by Cuatro Cuatros for Missana. Each individual chair fits perfectly with the next one has been finished and carefully shaped by these leading designers. The natural shades of this trend celebrate subtle colour nuances and what is exquisite within the organic world.

Referencing the natural landscape, the richness of textiles and surface treatments such as embroidery and weaving showcase artisan techniques that inspire this trend.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic TrendsArchitects Admun Design & Construction Studio designed ‘Cloaked in Bricks’ to create an intricate and impressive facade.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic TrendsWe adopt a sophisticated and polished approach with materials and finishes that are intricately detailed, elegant and refined.


Conveying a true sense of luxury and sophistication the Master colors join together to create a classic and elegant palette. With reassuring qualities the antique purple, deep evergreen, classic blue and warm cream join the clarity of a zesty green, which lifts this luxury palette. Referencing high-end materials such as copper and age-old handcraft techniques of wood parquet this palette looks only to the most refined of materials for inspiration.

4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic Trends4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic Trends4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder via Eclectic Trends4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER via Eclectic Trends4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_MASTER_ via Eclectic Trends


Finally, we Reflect and strip everything back to leave what is vital, seeking comfort and calm within designs that are pure and essential.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic Trends


Cocooning and comforting, Reflect is a trend that encompasses quiet and considered themes in a natural and stripped back aesthetic. This story sets out to discover how minimalist design can make us re-evaluate our appreciation of color and inherent beauty; removed of any extraneous meaning and reverting back to experiencing tones and nuances on an instinctive level. This mirrors the current mindset of consumers, both health and design conscious, searching for sustainability and moving away from throwaway culture. The essence of this trend is distilled into a palette grounded by a collection of measured, muted tones. The shades have soft and inviting qualities, offering a much-needed refuge. Reflect explores a need to simplify and pare down to only the essential, echoing perfectly with the aesthetic of the story.


Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic Trends

Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliet used woven seaweed to create ‘Sea Me’, a furniture collection that highlights its possibilities as a material.


Absent of pattern and any unnecessary add-ons,this story looks to the raw aesthetics of minimalist design. Soft and inviting, the trend embraces the warm and welcoming aesthetics of bare and natural surfaces. Ceramic glazes that explore the tactility
of matt and gloss finishes are central to this pared back theme. Looking to materials from unexpected sources gives new life to waste and unusual sustainable materials. Encouraging touch and interaction with our surroundings, this story has a pure and clear message.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic Trends

Creating a sense of comforting balance, this story looks to warm natural materials in combination with calming color for inspiration. Care for Milk’ a project by Ekaterina Semenova explores the possibilities of milk as a ceramic glaze to help reduce waste.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic TrendsCeramics by Manos Kalamenios utilise raw organic glazes and a stripped back aesthetic that echoes the Reflect theme.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic Trends

Marco Tapia’s interior combines Finsa materials with marble, stone and exposed brick in a pure and honest approach to design.


Moving away from a throw away culture, the Reflect palette offers a much-needed collection of contemplative yet welcoming colors. Playing with ideas of light and shadow, shape and texture, the rich claret, dusty rose pink and dove grey create a warming base within the palette. Cool serenity is added with muted mid-blue and jade tones, sitting alongside the raw aesthetics of the marble and exposed MDF. Paired down and calm, these colors expose what is truly essential and pure within a palette.

Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic Trends Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT_ via Eclectic Trends  4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_Wonder via Eclectic Trends4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa_REFLECT via Eclectic Trends
Through theses four trends our States of Mind & Matter are formed and the surfaces that are inspired by this process lie within.

We hope you enjoyed the insights, and wish good luck to those who are on the newsletter list and are entitled to win the completed printed version with all color and material palettes, extended texts and additional projects of the trend book open world-wide. Please leave a comment below, we get in touch with you on December, 22, 3pm (GMT+1) if you are the lucky winner.

UPDATE (22.12.2017): The lucky winners will be informed via email. The draw stays open until December, 23. Happy Christmas!


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