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4 Interior Design Trends | Salone del Mobile 2015

The Salone this year has been utterly inspiring again. I have to say, not many novelties on the fairground itself but the day I spent visiting several installation (all discovered thanks to Instagram!), were a true highlight. I have set up a new Vimeo portfolio, and you can see them all here.

But coming back to the few micro trends (of which one is becoming a mega trend though I will not cover this topic as such today), please see my impressions as follows:


I have been wanting to write about Cosmic for month already, so this might be a good opportunity. The origin of this trend stems from the catwalks; I’ve been writing last year an extensive post about it, and it seems it has finally arrived to the interior world.

Italian brands DieselLiving and Seletti have partnered and presented the dinner ware with the homonymous name.

4 interior & lifestyle trends Salone 2105-COSMIC-ECLECTIC TRENDS

Another example comes from Swiss textile company Schönstaub whose carpet Nebula embraces all this Galaxy feeling.

4 interior & lifestyle trends Salone15-Cosmic-Eclectic Trends

And the objects I loved most, coming from one my favorite designers, belong to the Ceramic Tables collection by Elisa Strozyk. They are made out of cordierite, ceramic glazes, steel / copper; she explained me the process last year but I have to admit, I can’t remember!

4 interior & lifestyle trends Salone15-Cosmic-Elisa Strozyk-Eclectic Trends



This is a very interesting concept and might be new to you. It’s all about adapting to smaller spaces and serve our multi-tasking society. Another description I like a lot is the one of personal territory.

Federico Peri‘s Lounging in a chair  has been designed building a structure on which rest shelves and upholstery that can transmit a sense of suspension and at the same time make this furnishing a complete unit dedicated to multiple functions: sitting, shelves and storage.

Federico Peri

Jörg Schellmann had been exhibiting at Moroso‘s showroom and ones of his designs refers to a similar concept. Being simple and self-evident, his pieces are displaying utilitarian and construction features,  accommodating space for various and exchangeable elements, such as surfaces, boxes or cushions. Hence, the design emphasizes the dualism of structure and furnishing. An office frame becomes a room in itself where different tasks can be done.

4 interior trends-room in a room-Eclectic Trends

And a last example with Idol being the result of Michael Tomalik‘s master project. He describes it as a cozy nest where he can be by his own, rest, read and even sleep. The idea came from his childhood memories where having an own space to hide and play, was all he was searching for. The furniture today becomes kind of a personal territory.

4 interior trends-room in a room-Eclectic Trends



I couldn’t be happier when spotting the Memphis design on a few exhibitions since I predicted that this movement would come back last summer (you can read about it here). Not only that several designers were inspired but there was an original Memphis Milano exhibition going on in the city. For those who are not familiar with Memphis, let me give you a short sum up: the renown designer Ettore Sottsass in his late sixties would lead a group of young architects in their twenties through a process of more than hundred drawings of furniture, lamps and ceramics were the main rule was to break rules. The result was a unique postmodernism style, bold, kitsch and unconventional.

In the exhibition, The Memphis Variations by Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli, it’s been very interesting to see the original pieces from the eighties presented in several variations with aged ethnic carpets, antiques, contemporary works of art, rare objects and mass market produce, on the basis of a lifestyle as free today as it was then, seeking out the roots of the Memphis revolution in its irreverent freedom of expression.

4 interior trends-Memphis-Eclectic Trends

Designed by Davide G Aquini and produces by Progetti in Luce, The Macarons series is a special edition for the Off-Salone paying homage to the postmodern style. Aquini uses a color palette from pastel pink to acid yellow and draws geometrical textures that bring to mind the Memphis movement at once, but the nuances and finishes are chosen to design an original collection.

4 interior trends-Memphis-Eclectic Trends

And it’s been great to see how super talented and established designer such as Lee Broom got a bit of inspiration here too with his drunken table series. He explores with his new collection the balance of abstract shapes and silhouettes and incorporates primary colors with more neutral tones from wood and marble.

4 interior trends-Memphis-Eclectic Trends



A huge and mega trend is all about different materials, used in an unexpected way and often with a recycled process behind. This is going to be a larger trend report and I need some extra time for research. But today as a small advance, let me share with you a few objects with you that involve paper waste.

Studio Laura Daza had a wonderful display in Ventura Lambrate  where she emphasizes on yellow ochre and how this pigment with different heating processes changes its color. She then applies the new shades to paper objects such as these wonderful platters and bowls.

4 interior trends-Paper-Eclectic Trends

Andrea Epifani presented this chairs line No smoking where he works with paper qualities making his furniture halfway between design and sculpture. Through a reutilization cycle, on the one hand the paper becomes solid as much as the wood, producing unexpected aesthetic results and allows to work through a sustainable productive channel.

4 interior trends-Paper-Eclectic Trends

Finally, Wallpapering by Canadian based studio Dear Human proves how big material exploration has become. After an array of experiments, these paper tiles merged as a product made from recycled paper having a similar look as cork, and they can be printed or painted like paper. As a side effect, they have great sound absorbing qualities. Dear Humans uses 100% post-consumer paper collected from local businesses.

4 interior trends-Paper-Eclectic Trends

There were a few more micro trends and others that are evolving such a room dividers, brass structures, terra-cotta and berry colors, but since I have covered these already in former posts, I wanted to write about different topics today. I hope you have enjoyed these and seen all the short videos we have been filming in Milan too. G, x

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  1. Papering – gorgeous!!! The room within a room is a brilliant idea and I could imagine that in a huge warehouse loft apartment or even shared creative creative space. Super cool! Mel x

    1. Thanks, Mel! I bet we will see in a future small working containers/units you can buy and then have them installed ….wherever!I wouldn’t mind have mine close to a lake in the middle of nowhere (but with internet!!) :-)

  2. ¡Ah, el room in a room amarillo!
    Me veo con mi pc, mi máquina de coser, mis tablas y reglas, mis telas ordenadas por colores, mis colchas colgadas por los lados…

    ¡Mi espacio!

    Las sillas de papel son alucinantes también…

    Qué gusto ver cosas tan bonitas por la mañana!

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