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48h Open House Barcelona – YÖK

48h Open House Barcelona is one of the cities highlights. This year 170 facilities have opened to the public during 48 hours. I was looking for a different spot this time beside the amazing modernist monuments we have in town and discovered YÖK Casa+Cultura. You could say it’s an eco-friendly place to stay but the focus goes beyond with an entire philosophy including the idea of visitors meet locals and unusual things happen becoming YÖK a social hub. It is thought as a place to be, not a place to stay the night.

48h open Barcelona - Yök

48h open Barcelona - Yök

48h open Barcelona - Yök

48h open Barcelona - Yök

48h open Barcelona - Yök

48h open Barcelona - Yök

It’s a beautiful spot where furniture pieces are second hand, donated, found on flea markets or been designed by local designers. If you open a window the heating system or air con immediately shuts down, everything they found inside the apartment has been re-used such as several doors not needed anymore when opening up the space  and which are repurposed as head beds now. The guided tour today was really interesting and you can book rooms or apartments and find all information on Hello Yök. 

Wishing the founders Petz and Mary much luck! G, xx

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  1. I have a friend that lived in barcelona for three years…her house was in Gracia…love those floors…and that inner windows, made of special glasses…have something different I haven´t found anywhere else

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