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3 Color Trends 2015 with ColourFutures

ColourFutures (Akzo Noble) has revealed the color of the year 2015 a while ago: it’s Copper Orange. But today I want to share with you their take on the five Color Trends they present every year. All of them are driven by a large influence holding these five inspirations together which is: Finding the wonderful in the normal or putting a + into every days’ life.

I have chosen three of them, those I relate most to, I have to admit. How about you?


big nature small me

I could come up here with my very own words but believe this belongs to the authors and it just very well put, so I share with you the original texts:  “Wrapped up in a modern world that is often rigid and constraining, we long for a simpler way that is natural, free and – crucially – offline. Nature represents all that is unpredictable and un-tameable; it can be still and gentle or wild and savage. Its increasing volatility is commanding new respect and awe; and with this we see a trend for individuals that want to pit themselves against the elements to find out what they are truly made of. This is a new definition of freedom, where the only possessions you need are a van and a backpack (or, in the case of Tom Dixon’s Adidas collection for Milan 2013, a single garment that can double as your personal camping gear). Whether it is training for an Ironman or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail – which Cheryl Strayed vividly depicts in her autobiography Wild – this is about finding strength and clarity through physical hardship and the dwarfing scale of nature.

While we might not all want to challenge ourselves to this degree, the idea of a more authentic and mindful existence appeals to most, and is inspiring a new minimalism, stripping away all that is un-necessary and purely cosmetic. Although we are impressed by vast architectural spaces with high ceilings and endless corridors, we search for a sense of security through the human scale of smaller environments, which shield and embrace us. This trend mimics the beautiful flow of nature’s colours and materials to create spaces that are warming and comforting.

The big nature, small me colour palette captures the sun-scorched feel of the Arizona desert; vast and intimidating yet strikingly beautiful. Rich earth tones of sepia, ochre, sienna and baked clay create a tonal palette which is natural and strong, much like the environment that inspires it.”

2// HIM + HER

Color Trends 2015 Akzo Nobel - Eclectic Trends

“As we seek and attain greater gender equality both in the workplace and at home, so we are learning to celebrate our uniqueness. Confident in our own skin, there is a growing trend towards celebrating the best of each sex; in the importance of difference as well as equality.

Men and women are both flourishing in this exploration of the distinctiveness of their gender – while also acknowledging how the masculine and the feminine can complement each other. After the trend for androgyny in fashion, men and women are increasingly being encouraged to play on the traditions of masculinity and femininity.

Men are growing Ned Kelly beards and wearing lumberjack shirts, all-weather clothing and work-wear boots while they re-engage with traditional crafts and skills. They no longer feel emasculated in their domestic roles; the hunter-gatherer impulse sees them challenging themselves against the extremes of nature or catching their own fish, smoking their own meat and making craft beer.

In turn, women are revelling in a return to both the feminine and the feminist (and seeing no contradiction in combining the two). They no longer feel they have to mimic male traits in order to succeed in the office, because they are no longer operating in a patriarchal world. A soft, subtle, female influence often proves equally effective and strong – if not more so – in comparison with the masculine approach.

In terms of color palette, we see the traditional feminine hues of damson, powder pink and cream combined with masculine khaki, slate grey and teal: but they also combine and complement themselves wonderfully when used together. The look here is classic, understated and very sure of itself. Rich dark wood and confident furniture or accessories make a statement with no compromise. Equally dynamic on a front door or the walls of a bar, restaurant, or home, this is the trend for people who are proud to be themselves – and want stylish surroundings to match. Color combinations here should be simple and tone-on-tone, embracing the atmospheric quality of a single colour or the perfect partnership of similar shades.”


Color Trends 2015 Akzo Nobel - Eclectic Trends

“We live increasingly multi-dimensional lives, with added depths revealing themselves the more we look and explore ourselves and our environment. The digital landscape adds further layers to the world around us, not simply in terms of space but also time. For instance, Shawn Clover’s Time Melts project is an example of the growing on-line trend for creating composite images that combine the past with the present; blending scenes of contemporary San Francisco street life with images of the 1906 earthquake.

In the product design world, we have seen the Netherlands Droog Design explore layered seating concepts, while Danish designer Pernille Snedker Hansen’s Marbelous Wood – Refraction employs the patterns of marbling and refracted light to add new layer and depth to wooden flooring.

This trend is translated into the subtle use of clusters or groups of color, rather than a single shade used in isolation. The combination of various colors is key here, in predominantly soft and pastel hues (all augmented by our color of the year); while the use of fading, overlaying and opaque materials adds to the sense of depth.”

I have seen other color trend studies for 2015, among these trends from Haymes and Dulux, and there is a similarity: we are embracing colors for our home that speak about subtle shades that make us feel protected, at ease, reminding nature we want to feel close indoors, getting slow, longing organic references and getting moody.

You can see the other two trend from Akzo Nobel on their site. Which is the one you feel more related too? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. G, x

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